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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Winter Wonderland 2014

Every Year we try to do something Christmas themed with the kids. When they were little we took them to see Santa or to see Romford lights switched on. Since we moved to Nottingham we have seen the Coca Cola Truck and are very lucky that Nottingham City Council transform the Market Square into an amazing Winter Wonderland themed market. This year was no exception. 

We popped down to Winter Wonderland 2014 last week and i thought the atmosphere was lovely and put us right in the mood for Christmas, i just wanted to share :)

 Some of the shops near the entrance. 

The shops are mainly handmade gifts, jams, chutneys, plaques things like that. It is not to over priced but if im honest i didn't buy much as these sort of things tend to be cheaper towards the end of the season or night. I do not haggle much when i buy handmade items as i appreciate the effort an the time it takes to create it but if i think its too much i will wait until they become desperate to sell things and have brought the price down a little. I did pick up some nice fudge and jams for hampers though which were reasonably priced at £1.50 each. I loved the Village in the middle of the North Pole feel and everything was lit up making the whole area look particularly festive. 

The Lights and Decorations 

As expected Nottingham has lots of Christmas lights up, mainly around the Market Square. The girls, especially little K was loving the huge festive decorations scattered around. 

The attractions 

There was plenty of fun things to do besides shopping. There was a huge Helter Skelter with a bar underneath, a carousel and a massive ice rink in the middle of the winter wonderland. Big K didnt take pictures of them all but there was lots of fairground games too like hook a duck, darts and various others. (Apparently someone decided to jump into big K's photo on the last one!) 

As well as all that there was lots of stalls selling food. Bang smack in the middle is a bar selling traditional ales and wines with seating overlooking the ice rink and plenty of food stalls selling ostrich burgers and other weird and wonderful foods. There was a very festive sweet shop selling lots of handmade sweet treats that looked like a traditional looking Christmas candy store which reminded me of santas elves :D Our most enjoyable moment was visiting the hot chocolate shop. We brought a cup of Cadbury's hot chocolate with added flavours (i had orange) It was really nice to sit and drink it with the Christmas lights around us and seeing the ice rink. The one thing i didnt see which i really missed was the hot chestnuts seller. Ill look for him when i go back next week. 

The Christmas Tree.  

Right in the middle of the ice rink is the hugest tree ive ever seen! Perfectly placed so the council building with its colour changing clock provided an amazing background. After i stood their for ten mins looking at it and wondering how long that must have taken someone to put those lights on! I was able to look at is as just the perfect centre piece to the whole event. It also inspired me to sort my tree out :) 

Does your local area do anything special? What are your family doing in the run up to Christmas?




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