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Monday, 8 December 2014

#SMPChristmas Competition Day 8

One of the main gifts people buy me is smellies. I am hard to buy for, i know what i like and stick with the same brands or items when i find i like them. Clothes are a no no as i am very fussy and jewelry is out of the question as it has to be simple, the right chain length or only silver. I appreciate everything that i am given and love trying new brands or products but if i am buying for myself i will never venture much past the usual ranges.

I have 2 stores i adore. LUSH and Body Shop. You can pretty much walk in and grab anything and guarantee i will think its perfect! My hubby wanted to know what i would like for Christmas. I was trying to explain to him what sort of scents i like but he thought it would be easier to just give him a list and let him pick. So im sharing my top 5 body shop items and and while browsing, i picked up something small to add to the box of stocking fillers i am giving away.

My top 3 Body Shop Items

I am a big fan of Argan Oil. I love this product because it is not greasy and absorbs quickly. It smells lovely and is long lasting, I use this about once a week and the bottle lasts quite a while.

I admit now, if this is not under the tree each Christmas,i am sad! It is my most used Body Shop product. A tub lasts me around 5 months which i think it good for the price. It is long lasting and has a nutty smell. I use it right after a bath and end up sniffing my arms all night :)

This is one i haven't tried but have been meaning to. I have quite an oily T zone and been told that this is great for oily skin Its a small tub so am concerned about the £13 price tag. I imagine like most body shop products a small amount is needed though.

What you could win

If i haven't bored you by now :) i mentioned at the start that i picked up a small item to add into the box of stocking fillers i am giving away. The item i chose is an item i brought big K this year. She is in her pre teens now and starting to become interested in smellies, make up and other girly bits. It may be something which is perfect for anyone with girly girls in their family to or perhaps just a tiny treat for yourself.

I have added a box of Strawberry Treats into the box of stocking fillers. This box costs just £6 and contains the following:

  • Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml 
  • Strawberry Body Puree 60ml 
  • Red Mini Crinkle Bath Lily
There is plenty of really good priced items in Body Shop during this time of year which are great for stocking fillers or filler presents 

Entry is via gleam app as with other days. The Gleam app is still active on the previous days so feel free to add some extra entries to your current entry by having a look and whats been added so far. 

Best of luck all x 

Win 1 stocking filler hamper with prizes totaling £75

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  1. My friend as she can only use bodyshop goodies

    1. My daughter because she deserves to be pa.pered

  2. My daughter - she loves the Body Shop ethics

  3. My eldest daughter would love these goodies! Thank you x

  4. This would make a great stocking filler for my niece who loves anything girlie.

  5. I'd give this to my twin sister

  6. my sister in law, she loves this stuff

  7. This would be a great gift for my best friend.She has just become a new mum again so she called do with a little pampering

  8. My mum who loves body shop

  9. would give this to my grandaughter as she loves smellies

  10. Love Body Shop and they always make great gifts for friends and family x

  11. I would keep it! It's my favourite scent x

  12. My sister who is a big body shopnfan.
    White Musk perfume instantly reminds me of her, wherever I come across it.

  13. I would give it to one of my daughters for christmas

  14. i have loads of body shop lip balms there so good

  15. I would give it to My Daughters Care Worker who she calls Her Nanny lol
    She has helped my Daughter out loads , anyone that makes my children smile deserves a little gift i think x

  16. I would give to my mum as she deserves a treat for herself

  17. I'd use it as a stocking filler for my daughter. :)

  18. I have finished all my shopping so would keep this for myself




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