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Thursday, 4 December 2014

#SMPChristmas Competition Day 4

If you have had a read through my blog you will have seen me mention my love of LUSH products. Everyone has a must have item, their go to treat. For some its chocolate, for others its handbags or shoes. For me its a sparkly bath bomb, the more colourful and fizzier the better.

Christmas is busy for everyone, us parents especially. Below is my top 5 bath bombs. I will pick 1 of them which will be in the stocking filler hamper i am giving away. I will purchase this nearer the time so that it is as fragrant as possible.

My top 5 LUSH bath bombs

Number 1 - Think Pink  - £2.65 each

This is a gorgeous sweet smelling bath bomb. It explodes into a girly pink the second it hits the water, leaving you surrounded by rice paper confetti hearts which eventually melt away in the pink water.

Number 2 - Butterbear - £1.95 each

I love how cute this little guy is. Its a small bath bomb but has a lovely vanilla fragrance. Once fizzing away he turns the water a milky colour and leaves the skin feeling so soft. This is a firm favourite of little K's so great for introducing kids to the joys of bath bombs.
 Number 3 - Shoot for the Stars - £3.50 each

This muti coloured bath bomb just has the wow factor! It explodes into a mass of colours, spinning round until it eventually stops. Once stopped it leaves this fantastic trail of quick silver before settling on a calm blue colour in the water. Another sweet smelling fragrance that reminds me of honey.

Number 4 - Northern Lights - £3,50

This is one of the new products. It spins as soon as it touches the water exploding into a mix of purple and blue colours. Is has a light and sweet floral scent of jasmine which i think is relaxing.

Number 5 - Dragons Egg - £3.35 each

This is a firm favourite with big K. It has a citrus scent with hints of jasmine. As soon as it touches the water it rolls around until settling on a golden orange colour with lots of glitter. It contains popping candy which gives it its extra fizz. The end result is smooth citrus smelling skin which lasted for a couple of days.

If you fancy winning 1 bath bomb from my top 5 bath bombs from LUSH, enter my competition to win a stocking filler hamper worth at least £75! Enter using the gleam app below.

Which one is your favourite?

Win 1 stocking filler hamper with prizes totaling £75


  1. I think I would be selfish and gift it to myself, as it is packed full of gorgeous items!

  2. Tempted to go in for this just for me. Never had one before.

  3. I love lush bath goodies, and my sister does too so we could share it between us :-)

  4. I would give it to my sister, it would make a great stocking filler for her as she is a fan of Lush and the lovely scents of their stuff.

  5. My daughter loves Lush products so would give to her thanks :-)

  6. would love this for myself but would have to give to my best friend who has just had a little baby and needs a pick me up!!!

  7. Love Lush and so does my daughter, so it'll be a case of who gets there first lol x

  8. dont think i have ever tried bath bombs, would share between sister and in laws

  9. id keep the butter bear he looks so cute :)

  10. I love Lush, but I'd give it to my mum, she deserves it x

  11. I love any lush bath bombs ,but if I won this lovely prize i'd give to my lovely Niece (I may keep one for me to relax in the bath after the xmas madness :)

  12. ive never had a bath bomb so id love this to give it a try!

  13. Me and my girls would love some bath bombs thanks x




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