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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

#SMPChristmas Competition Day 3

The item i chose for my Christmas box today is a family fun word game by bananagrams.com

We love games in our family. Its a great way to spend time together and forget the weeks worries. Each year the girls get a board game or travel game of some sort under the tree and this year was no different.

Zip It is a fast paced word game, designed to be played by 2 players. The objective is to make 10 words as fast as you can. Each player is given 12 cubes each and its a race against the clock to make a word grid. The player who reaches 10 words first wins.

The cloth pouch which contains the cubes is handily also used as a score chart. The 2 zippers are a different colour and to keep track of scores simply move your zipper to the selected number. This makes it great to play anywhere and perfect for car or train journeys.

The pouch contains:

  • 24 letter cubes
  • a WEORDS® dictionary of weird words that win word games! 
As well as Zip it, there is a jumbo Zip It and various other word games. There is also word games in foreign languages. 

To see the full range of bananagrams products visit www.bananagrams.com

Zip It and other bananagrams products can also be purchused via amazon. Zip It is currently priced at £13.38 with free UK delivery 

To be in with a chance of winning the hamper Zip It is included in, just enter using the gleam app below. 


  1. it looks lots of fun - i woudl give it to my daughter!


  2. Great idea hadn't seen before. My daughter would like this thanks

  3. I would us it for our family game night we have once a month

  4. Looks good. I love word games x

  5. My 2 Daughter Rebecca but it be something the whole family would play

  6. Me and the kids would have some fun playing it over Christmas!

  7. Thank you for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  8. We could all play this as a family.




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