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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My toxicfox.co.uk christmas Wishlist

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the planning, the stress. I am a compulsive list maker and I enjoy planning things down to the last penny. I always leave the main present to December and never buy something because the girls want it. Their tastes change so regularly I can't keep up. Remember I wrote a review about toxicfox.co.uk last week? I mentioned that there was such a variety of gifts on the one website that I could buy mostly all my presents in one go. 

I spent 3 days searching every aspect if the website again and come to the conclusion that there was many gifts that I could buy at the last minute, for when the fad has worn off, which is perfect for me. I do not want to waste money, I want to get the best value I possibly can. So I compiled a Wishlist of items I will be buying or would buy.

For the Hubby

From Left to right: 

I choose this selection because my hubby is a joker. He likes a laugh. They are also on the 3 for 2 deal which saves me £5. He likes novelty gifts and for just £5 each they would make great stocking fillers or presents. He already has his main present and his birthday is 2 days before Christmas so i didn't want to spend alot on him. I could have easily added so much into the basket for him though as all of the novelty gifts would have been perfect for him. 

For Big K 

From Left to right: 

Big K is starting to get interested in her smellies. She is a normal pre teen, she likes her music, her make up, long soaks in the bath and wants her space (bedroom) to look and feel like hers. This selection of gifts would appeal to her because they tick all the boxes. These wouldn't be stocking fillers and are around the price i would spend on the medium sized presents. 

Having already received and thoroughly enjoying the ClaireaBella jute bag we were sent to review, i knew an additional ClaireaBella item would be a perfect present. A girl can never have too many cushions so i chose this to help her personalise her space.

I used the Gift Finder to select these gifts. It is really easy to use. If you want to try for yourself find the Gift Finder here 

For Little K 

From Left to right: 

I have to admit, i struggled a little with gifts for little K on Toxicfox.co.uk. Little K is still very much into her toys. Not wanting her to be left out though i found some little bits which would appeal to her nature. She is still very girly and likes all things that are pink, sparkly or smell fantastic! 

I received a Typography of Love frame as part of my review which little K loved! I already knew that i would be buying a TOL item just for her and decided the heart mug would be perfect. 

For Me 

From Left to right: 

I adore candles, sparkly items, hand bags or purses and nail polish is a weakness of mine. Using the gifts for her section i found lots of items i could easily buy myself for a treat but decided these would be the perfect things to keep me pampered for a few months :) 

So thats my wishlist. There is still plenty of room in my budget to buy a few bits and pieces for other family members too so i could easily complete the adults presents in the one shop. Totalling it all up i would actually spend less on Toxicfox.co.uk than i would if i went out shopping! It means more money for my kids :) I suspect this is because its organised shopping rather than impulse buying in the stores. I have to admit though a few cheeky items landed in my basket while i was browsing as i was continuously thinking " ooh mum would love this" "oh that is so my sister!" The fact that there such a range in prices means i can choose things according to my personal budget. Nothing is too overpriced that it puts me off buying from entirely. Postage is reasonable and fast and just being in the one store means my money stretches further. All round fab for me!

Why not have a look for yourself. What would you choose? 

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  1. I love all of these and you have given me some ideas for the men in my life as was going to just get them t shirts lol thank you :)

    1. Your welcome :) I had the same idea at first too :)

  2. some brilliant, love the novelty gift ideas for men

    1. Definatly makes a change from the usual smellies :)




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