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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Malteaser Christmas Pudding

Picture taken from Cuckooland.com 

These things are all over my facebook right now! I will admit, its too much chocolate for me. I like chocolate but not this much. They make lovely handmade gifts though. 

Depending on how cheap you can source the ingredients depends on the price of this. From a quick glance i have priced this at around £3.50 a pudding not including the marzipan holly on top. 


1 Terrys Chocolate Orange
1 Large box of Malteasers
1 bar of milk or dark chococlate
1 bar of white chocolate
Green and red icing or marzipan for the holly 

How to make the Puddings

The assembly is quite simple and something kids will love making. 
  1. To start place a unwrapped but whole and intact Terrys Chocolate Orange and place onto a small cake board or plate. You can use a little melted chocolate on the bottom to hold in place if you wish. 
  2. Melt some of the milk or dark chocolate and start dipping Malteasers into the chocolate (just a little it does not need covering). Stick the Malteaser onto the outside of the chocolate orange until completely covered. 
  3. Allow to harden or stick in the fridge for a minute to speed it up (optional i just found this helped keep them stuck on) 
  4. Melt some white chocolate and spoon the melted chocolate onto the top of the Malteaser covered chocolate orange. If it drips that adds to the effect. 
  5. Optional - cut out some holly leaves from green icing or marzipan and make a couple of red berries to decorate the top. 
If making these for gifts, cellophane bags can be purchased online or in some pound stores. Add a little bit of ribbon and a gift tag, place into a gift bag and give away to grateful friends and family. 

Word of warning though, these take a little bit of effort to eat :)



  1. This is amazing! I'm totally making some of these next year! x

    1. These are yummy! Kids loved them :D Im going to make some next year for teachers gifts :D




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