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Monday, 1 December 2014

Diet time: Week 10 - 1/12

I missed last weeks weigh in due to finances. This time of the year is hard on everyone and for us even the bus fare is hard to find. I have spoken to the nurse and agreed to call it time out throughout December. I have to much going on at the moment to be worrying about dieting but i do not want it to come to a complete halt. I have lost very little really, what i have lost has been through hard work. I most defiantly do not want to be piling it back on come January. 

I managed to lose 1lb this week which i was over the moon about. A box of Tesco finest mince pies innocently jumped into my shopping trolley. My one Christmas weakness! Despite their best efforts to talk to me through 4 solid walls and a fridge door,  i was strong and didn't gobble them all in one go! I realised i can control the urges to splurge eat and that a treat is ok every now and again. I've been limiting what treats i have thinking that if i started i wouldn't stop. I do that because i limit myself, i want them more! 

My nurse is going to go through more with me next week as that will be my last weigh in with her till January. I know i will be using Wii Fit to keep track of any losses or gains and also know i need to loosen up, I like meal planning but i'm spending to much time cramming in food that i;m overwhelmed and not eating it all. I'm falling into bad habits again and need to kick my butt into gear as fast as i can. I am however looking forward to a healthy Christmas. Weight loss groups such as slimming world and weight watchers are so much more versatile now. There is lots of low fat, healthy options so i could enjoy a cake or 2 or even a Christmas pudding. Next week i will be being measured but this week my only goal is to find low fat normal foods. Ive lived off pasta, rice and jacket potatoes for 2 weeks now thinking that will help so im looking for a change. My number 1 priority though is Christmas and i can only hope with all the running around ill be doing these next 2 weeks, i drop half a stone by the time i get back to see the nurse :) 

Does anyone follow a weight loss plan over Christmas? What advice or recipes can you give me?


  1. Well done for losing 1lb! I tend to start dieting in the New Year.

    1. Thank you :) I usually do too but i lose interest after a few weeks :/ Going to try extra hard after Christmas though this time :)

  2. I like to enjoy Christmas so I do give myself Christmas Day off... then all the other days I try to get in a good long walk and make sure the chocolate tin is in another room so I have to get up and eat them... too easy to just sit and absent mindedly eat in front of the TV without noticing!




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