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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Where to search on Amazon for cheap items

I am a huge Ebay and Amazon fan. I am forever buying cheap bits and stashing them away, it drives the hubby mad!

There is a few sellers on both who regularly sell cheap bits and pieces which are mainly shipping from China. I am careful what i buy from abroad especially for my kids, but i find i can buy big K some nice more teeny looking clothes and accessories at literally a quarter of the cost in the UK. Most of my crafting items come from China as do some household items. Shipping is not to bad, it is generally free to the uk but can take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive - i have in 3 years of shopping with various sellers only ever had 2 issues, 1. with a missing parcel but was refunded immediately, and 2. delivery took more than 3 weeks, i usually have items delivered within 2.  I thought i would share some of the shops i regularly use on Amazon.

Womdee - mainly fashion items.

I buy a few scarves and things during the year as several females in the family have a scarf hoarding addiction! From as low as £1.29 with free UK postage these are fab value and quite good quality for the price.

This is what i last purchased. I actually brought it for me though so the girls can wrap something up for me.

Sanwood - A bit of everything

I have only ordered from here once but it arrived in good time, quality was good and price was great!

This is what i brought as a present for big K. I am making her up a beauty hamper and thought this would be perfect to store the smaller items in. It is a little smaller than i thought but she does not own alot of make up so will do fine for her. It is also free postage to the UK.

Yazilind - Jewellery

I like this seller. Items are good quality despite reservations that they will break or turn me green! I am a big fan of pandora bracelets but budget wise they are out of my reach. This seller stocks some cute animal shaped ones for just £2.03 each with free postage.

My last purchase was this Bracelet for my sister. I picked myself up one too but its too small for my wrists. Big K has been wearing it for 6 weeks now and no stones have come out, it hasn't discoloured and she does not have a green wrist :D Postage is free to the UK

Sodial - A mix of everything

I have only used these once. I was looking for polymer clay as i will be making christmas tree decorations with the kids. In Hobbycraft a small pack of each colour costs around £2.29 each. I am not using it professionally and didn't want to spend that much just for something to do with the kids. At £5.75 for 24 different colours this was a bargain! It is free postage to the UK too. I didn't have a choice of colours but i was ok with that. Im sure if needed the seller could be emailed and you could ask for specific colours.

Niceeshop - A mix of everything, mainly gadgets/household accessories

Another seller i have only used once. I brought quite a few things from here that i was really pleased with. Firstly a bed canopy. We decorated little K's room and i wanted a pink canopy to go over her bed. When i looked around some were coming up at £10 each. Even if i attempted to make my own the voile wasnt cheap. I was pleased to find a baby pink canopy for just £2.99 with free postage here and snapped it up. I also picked up this ladybird cd case. Big K is really into her music now so i wanted something for her to put her own cds in rather than leave them on the shelf. We burn alot of her music onto cds so they often just sit in old DVD cases. The only problem with this is that it is easy to open it the wrong way round which ends up with a mass of cd's on the floor! For just £1.55 with free postage though i cant complain. Lastly i brought some make up brushes to go into big K's little hamper. I wanted her to have some more expensive looking brushes and thought these were nice as a starter. At just £1.88 with free postage


There is many many more which will pop up when you search these but these are some of the sellers i have previously used and will use again. 

I should add that it is not necessarily these sellers that sell cheap items. I always browse these sellers when i am buying things anyways but i also type the item i am looking for into the search bar and check out the UK sellers. I am an automatic low - high searcher and have found some great bargains that way. 

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  1. Some great bargains and sellers listed here. I am also an amazon and ebay addict, parcels turn up at the house. My hubby always makes comments about there being more parcels!




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