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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Social discount network mini haul

I love trying new places. The majority of my shopping is done online as I do not drive and carrying shopping home is difficult when on my own. I have been a long term fan of this page on Facebook for quite some time but had reservations on whether to order from them or not as there was mixed reviews. But i saw some bits i really liked and figured id give it a go. 

The items change on a daily basis and there is always a great variety of products to choose from. The items have quite abit knocked off the RRP and comments about the quality of the things people have ordered are very positive. 

Here is what i ordered:

I have been looking for some boots for big K. Her feet are growing ridiculously fast now. She is already in a size 5.5 adults and boots in particular are starting to get pricey. I have toyed with the idea of forking out for Clarks boots as i know they will last but these boots were a bargain at £6.99! I wouldn't have been able to buy any for this price for her that she would have liked. 

The soles are quite chunky and solid. The inside is lined with faux fur which big K says is super comfy and warm. These are a little bigger than a 5.5 i think as she has plenty of room inside. I think with some thick socks though these will be really snug. 

While browsing i couldn't help but stick some Christmas presents into the basket. I thought these were fantastic value and something both the kids had asked for.

I brought both the girls a 2 in 1 cuddle soft toy and pillow for £2.99 each and big K asked me for a handbag. I thought this was great value at £2.99 and being quite small, it would be perfect for her just to carry her phone, some change and little bits of make up in. 

The 2 in 1 toys arrived unwrapped which dissapointed me slightly. As a brand new toy i would rather they were clean and looked new. They do not smell in the slightest though and were not really dusty or anything. They are actually bigger than i first thought and different to what i thought they were. They have a little zip at the front and the cuddly toy pulls out from the "house". The toys them self are about the size of an average teddy and well stitched up, no eyes falling off or anything dangerous. Both will make fantastic additions to the girls ever growing pillow pile. 

The bag is much bigger than i expected and really heavy. The bag is solid with plenty of room inside and being quilted it has a nice feel to it. The chain is the heavy part and im worried how she will cope with it on her shoulders. I tried it on mine and it is surprisingly light and comfortable to wear but then i am used to bags on my shoulder. For the price i am very pleased. 

I ordered these items on 7th November and they arrived on 17th November by courier. The bag was clearly labelled and well packed however the shipping cost i felt was rather steep. I paid £7.95 which i thought was due to the boots and quite reasonable. Had i ordered more then it would have cost more in shipping charges, which put me off adding more to my basket. I was notified throughout the whole process, from buying the items to the dispatch date. I was informed that items are dispatched within 72 hours (which they were) and advised that they may take up to 14 days to arrive so they arrived well within the time stated, 

Overall i am pleased and will be keeping an eye out for future deals. My total order with shipping charges come to £23.76p which considering what i brought i think is a great bargain. I saved around £10 on the boots, and around £12 on the cuddle pets. I only tend to buy bags from a local market stall for £10 but this one is obviously much better quality. For the sake of generalizing what i have save based on what i would usually pay i have saved £7 buying the bag from here. That is in total a £29 saving which is much bigger than the shipping charge i thought was abit high. 

You can keep up to date with daily and ending deals on their facebook page. They also run regular competitions to those who leave a comment under their photos. 

The website is super easy to use. You can search via, todays deals, ending deals or via the market place if you want to target a specific set of items. You can also earn a few points whcih can be used against your next shop. 

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