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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Lucky Loom Bands

Like most parents i attempt to direct my kids away from the latest crazes. Why? because the latest craze equals lots and lots of money! Like most kids my girls fell to the loom bands charm, spending weeks nagging me to buy them some. While talking to some mums i discovered i had been a little hasty. I had assumed that these little rings of elastic would make my debit card go into hiding, they in fact were perfectly affordable at just 50p - £1 a pack. I picked up a few packs, brought them home to 2 very excited girls who spent the day telling me that i was the best mummy ever....of course :) From there, our loom band journey began. They are top of the girls list when they are given their pocket money and for once i do not mind at all that they are joining in with the latest fad. The girls are being creative, they are having fun together instead of arguing and for the first time in 3 years, big K is not sitting in her room alone playing loud music and slamming her bedroom door!

When Paddy Power Bingo contacted me to ask me if i would like test drive their lucky loom band bundles, i was more than happy too. I was sent a pack of green, pink and white loom bands which of course are Paddy Power's trade mark colours but also 2 of my kids favourite colours too.

Me and the girls were keen to settle down and get creative. I am not as quick as them and my knowledge of loom bands does not go further than a single loop bracelet and the odd basic creation. Big K on the other hand can whip up a pretty star burst bracelet or a colourful charm in ten mins. The package arrived while they were at school but as soon as they were home both big and little K were champing at the bit to get into that package! It took a little persuading to get them to get out of their school clothes but within 5 minutes they were both settled on the floor with their loom boards putting their brains to use. 

Here is the girls playing with our lucky loom band bundle. 

As it is coming up to Christmas the girls decided to do something Christmas themed. The things they make will eventually go onto our Christmas tree as decorations. After many many loom bands pinging their way across the living room floor, the girls produced these - fit to be shown as top end artwork- creations. Big K made a lovely green Christmas tree with pink baubles and little K made a pretty pink and white present. 

They also dug into their loom band box and added others colours to make more charms. Big K made Shrek's Princess Fiona using her Paddy Power green bands. Little K made a snake using her Paddy Power pink bands and i made a pretty poor mustache using the last lots of Paddy Power pink bands. As you can see the kids creations were much much better :)

We had a great time coming up with ideas for our loom band bundle. It was great bonding time and nice to do something as a family. Speaking of family.... the next day i walked into the living room to find my macho - loom bands are silly - hubby happily engrossed on the sofa with none other than some loom bands! I managed to snap a picture before he got all embarrassed and trying to convince me that it was all for the girls. Loom bands are evidently much more popular with the men folk than i first imagined :)

*Disclaimer - I was sent a pack of loom bands to play around with. All opinions are my own*

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  1. I am really impressed with the girls creations, I haven't even tried using them.




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