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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Freebies - Free body shop gift card worth at least £3 + other items.

Buy either Glamour Magazine or Cosmopolitan Magazine (or both) and receive a little card of Christmas wishes. Inside this little card is a body shop gift card that is worth at least £3. Glamour magazine costs £2 so you have already made your money back and have an extra £1 to spend. Cosmopolitan costs £3.80 so if you get a £3 card the magazine has only cost 80p. Glamour magazine also comes with 1 of 4 NAILS INC nail polishes which cost £11 each and a 20% off H&M card for in store use. 

Each magazine contains a little card of Christmas wishes which all have a code on the back. You simply take this card to your nearest body shop and they will tell you the value of it. 

There is other amounts too. The most is an amazing £1000! There has been reports of a few £15 vouchers popping up so i think its worth doing, especially if you buy the magazines anyway. 

From what i gather the voucher can not be used on sale items but that shouldn't be too much of an issue. They can be used with the 10% love your body card though. 

My 2 vouchers were both for £3 so i will be picking up some smellies for big K for Christmas. 

The codes that are currently known are:

  • 38962 = £3
  • 38933 = £3
  • 38935 = £15 
  • 38911 = £100

There seem to be lots of others popping up, but i would recommend actually checking with a body shop store before getting excited. Also it is worth mentioning that the travel sized magazines are not sealed. The cards are on a page inside the magazine. If you are buying a magazine specifically for this voucher, have a quick flick through to make sure it is there. In previous years, it has been made public about people stealing the cards from the magazines. The full size magazines are sealed up. 

Vouchers can be used until 15th December and are possibly limited to one per transaction. 

Wishing you all luck, lets hope one of my readers are a lucky £1000 card holder :)

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