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Monday, 3 November 2014

Everything 5 pound mini haul

Everything 5 pounds is just what it says. Every single item on the site is just £5. Nothing more and nothing less. They sell a range of sizes including plus size clothes - Proper plus sizes not a 12-16, and do stock a little kids and men's clothing. Having a good look through there is some great bargains to be found. Some of the styles are not to my taste, but i wouldn't say they followed a particular fashion trend. You just buy what they have in and when it's gone it's gone! 

I've been stressing about buying big K school shoes and a school bag since August. She is heavy footed so wears the soles down quick. For this reason I didn't want to spend a lot of money on them. She had a bag in mind that she wanted but again I was positive she would change her mind and discover a new bag she liked within the month. For quite a while I have seen this site popping up in conversations. I admit I was a little skeptical, if something is so cheap it is generally cheap for a reason.  However she found 3 items she really wanted and I figured 15 quid for 3 items can't be bad. I would have paid £15 just on her shoes and being in adult sizes, her coat would have been way over that alone! 

Here is what she choose. 

A new jacket, a new school bag and some loafers for school. 

Delivery cost £4.95 which I felt was reasonable. I ordered these items Monday morning and the next day received an email notifying me that my order was being processed. I was kept updated and given a tracking number so I could track my parcel. It arrived 2 days later well packed and in the time estimated. 

I was surprised at the quality of the items. The shoes look like the type I would buy from shoe zone so I have saved £10 there. The bag I was a little dissapointed with, it is flimsy and does not look like it will handle the amount of school books she has to carry. In their defence though this wasn't described as a school bag so for everyday use it would be perfect. For £5 I shouldn't complain, the bags on the cheap market stall near us are at least £10 so I have saved £5 buying from here. The coat I was impressed with, it's  thicker than it looks on the website and at a size 8 fits perfectly over her blazer. It's not a winter coat so will not handle rain or snow very well but for keeping her warm I am happy. Being in a size 8-10 women's the cheapest coats I have found are £20 so I've saved £15 just on this item alone! While I do not expect a £5 item to last more than a couple of months I am happy with my ourchuses. What I have saved buying these I will put towards a pair of winter boots for her. Happy mummy, happy big K :) 


  1. I love the everything5pound site! It's so good for when I need a little shopping spree as I never seem to spend that much but always get tons of clothes

    1. Im in love! Its great as we can treat ourselves without breaking the bank. Wish i had known about it ages ago :D

  2. I've only used the site once so far but one of the dresses I bought was amazing - I couldn't believe the quality! x

    1. I was surprised too. I thought big K would get home yesterday and the bag would have broke! Pleasantly surprised that its all still intact and not a stitch has come loose :D Im now considering buying myself some bits :D




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