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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Diet time - Week 6: 3/11

I was away last week so i couldn't plan to eat what i normally would. My family were understanding and my brother brought lots of fruit and veg for me to snack on. I had already decided that i was going to have a free week and not stress about how i was doing or continuously look at a sheet of paper to make sure i was on track. 

I didnt go to see the nurse this week. I was feeling a little down and couldn't face leaving the house. I suspect i am just tired. We were travelling for 4 hours on friday and then hubby took the girls trick or treating. Saturday i was recuperating ready to get back into routine as the girls went back to school on Monday. However Sunday my Father in law arrived at 9am ready to take us to Skegness for the day! We was of course excited but it meant a further 3 hours travelling and by the time we arrived home in the evening, i was well and truly ready for bed. 

Interested to know if i had lost anything i weighed myself at home using wii fit. While not accurate it at least would give me some idea right? Wrong! The thing hates me! I stood their semi naked watching my little mii get fatter and fatter for it to tell me i was 21 stone 13lbs and i had put on 10lbs! That does not even tie up with my weight log! Annoyed i turned it off and will have to be patient until my appointment next week. I know i have lost weight, my jeans are feeling a little loose. Not much of course but enough for me to feel good about how it is going so far. 

I phoned to cancel yesterday and the nurse called me back this morning at 8am. I told her what had happened and she just laughed... i suppose it is a little funny :D She advised me to try be more active this week. She is happy with the tiny progress i have made but she is aware i am now starting to get impatient. I think once i hit that 1 stone loss it will give me a boost but its taking a long time to get to it. 

So this week i will be concentrating on my food intake. I am removing butter off my bread as i do seem to slap that on quite thickly (habit i think from buying mainly stale bread) and plan to use my wii fit only for some light exercising. As i am on our skint week this week, shopping will only be coming to £30 for the 4 of us. It will be including lots of lentils and veg which i think will help massively. Hopefully all goes to plan and i get myself alot closer to my 1 stone loss next week :D 

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