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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas buys week 5

Christmas presents for me consists of layers. I have set prices which i stick too but am able to change according to our budget at any given year. It generally consists of this
  • Main presents - 1 each £50 - £100
  • Mid sized presents - around 4 each - between £15 - £25 each gift
  • Tree fillers - as many as i can afford - £5-£10 each gift
  • Stocking fillers - 6 each - Up to £5 each gift
  • 1 item each off their christmas list from santa - Up to £20
I do not usually buy adults gifts which includes teachers and the hubby, nor anyone over the age of 16 so i spend as much as possible on the girls. My budget is around £500 for presents and around £100 for decorations and food. In order to raise £700 we have to put £15 away each week from december 26th to 2 weeks before christmas the following year and even though our budget is quite high, i never tend to go near spending £700. I usually spend around half of that, its just nice to have the extra saved up in case i need it. 

I like my christmas tree to be colourful and rammed full with presents. If i see a gap, i will pop out and buy another tree filler to fill the empty space. In order to do this i have to take advantage of every offer i can find throughout the year. There is specific shops which are my go to places for christmas gifts. Toys R us is one of them. I reserve items monthly and the majority of little K's gifts come from there. 

Every christmas they have some great offers, which usually involve spending x amount of money and getting a free item. I like to take advantage of this as it bumps up my present pile. The last couple of years though there has been nothing relevant to my kids for me to take advantage of. I was told some offers were ending today so i had a nose and picked up a few bits.
I was not going to buy any more My little pony bits but little K specifically asked santa for these specific items and big K surprisingly asked for Zelfs. 

I paid full price for this at £35 but it was one of little K's most wanted gifts. I didn't think it was badly priced considering its 3 dolls in one go. Plus it contains Photo Finish and the snap shots which are dolls i haven't seen before. 

In the offer i also picked up rainbow rocks Trixie Lulamoon ( £21.99) and pony mania Zecora (£19.99) As part of the 3 for 2 offer, Zecora was free saving me £20. 

As big K had asked for Zelfs i thought i would pick her up a couple of the Zelicious Medium Scented Zelfs. I grabbed a chocolate scented one and a strawberry scented one (not pictured) They are £7.99 each and as i spent over £10 i was able to get a free Zelf Snowphie CD which saved me £6.99.

The cd has 1 in 1000 chances of containing a golden message which if found will mean you can claim a free ultra rare Zelf. The golden message is is an extra message which plays at the end of the cd.

Little K is still very much into Furbys. We got them a furby boom last year but i refused to spend another £50 + on the crystal one which come out this year. The Furby Party Rocker is half price in Toys R us at the moment. It interacts with the furby app and does most things the more expensive furbys do. For £10 i think its a great bargain and an alternative for those who do not want to shell out alot on the more expensive furbys.

All in all i saved £27 using the offers above and £10 on the half priced furby, leaving me £37 richer to spend on something else :)

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