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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Christmas buys week 3

I was in the local Poundland to buy some wool and i spotted these bits and pieces. Stocking fillers to me are cheap as possible toys to keep the kids occupied before breakfast and present opening time. I like to pick up stocking fillers in the sales in January but i saw these and thought they would be a perfect mix of stocking fillers and very small tree presents.

2 x Moshi Monster build it blog it glump packs (freakface and podge)

I have never seen these before but they look like fun. The pack contains something similar to clay which can be moulded into a glump character. The glump can be squished and comes with accessories to make the glumps face. The only place i found these were on ebay and amazon for a whopping £3.50/£4 each + £3 postage. Ridiculous amount so i am very happy with my bargain as they were 2 for £1!

2 x Fairy badge tubes

Both my girls are creative. This is a little young for big K, she is no longer into fairies but she likes to make things. For the sake of £2 it will bulk out the presents under the tree.

1 bottle of perfume

Big K is getting older now. I initially thought that any sort of perfume from poundland would be horrible but this one is a nice, light floral scent. I have the most sensitive skin imaginable and while i was testing them, it didn't irritate me at all.

1 Moshi Monster shower gel set

I always buy the girls a shower or bubble bath for christmas. It is like a tradition so i had to pick this one up.

Total cost = £5.

While i was out and about i thought i would pop into the local Toys R Us and have a browse. Little K is a massive Moshi monster fan and these were such a bargain i just couldn't pass them up.

2 x Moshi Monster Puzzle Erasers - 46p a pack

Not an amazing gift but big K has a thing about rubbers. She has a drawer full of them! Little K will add them into her Moshi Monster collection and play with them like she does the figures.

1 Diavlo Charmlite - £1.96

There isn't a choice on what ones you get but i have never seen these before. I was happy to get a Diavlo instead of a Katsuma as little K has plenty of Katsuma toys.

2 x Moshi Monster Pack Buddy - 96p each

Another little stocking filler. These 2 glumps were all that was left. Ill shove them in their stockings as an extra gift under the tree.

1 x Moshi Monster Clay Buddy - 26p

Another one i haven't heard of before. Usually any Moshi Monster item little K is all over it, begging me to buy one. I assume she does not know about these either. Ill be wrapping this up to stick on the tree.

While in store i also found these. I have originally paid £4.99 for one of these in the past! Gutted... when i saw them at this price though i didn't think twice about grabbing 3 of them.

I actually quite like these. You unwrap them and put them in water. They fizz away to reveal a hidden moshi surprise. The kids have never been bored with them so will make ideal presents. 

Looking online to grab the links i can see that they are only available to reserve and collect. It is worth checking your local store anyway but otherwise collection is really really easy. 

Total cost = £7.94 

Total cost for the day = £12.94 for 8 stocking fillers and 7 small presents which i think is a complete bargain. 

There is plenty of Moshi Monsters items that are reduced right down and complete bargains for this christmas. 

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  1. Wow! I am really impressed with the bargains you have found. I need to keep an eye out for some of these bargains.




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