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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Christmas buys week 2

Big K is heavily into Horrible Histories. She collects the DVDs and recently i managed to win a joblot of the full magazine series (older version) for just £15, which she neatly put on her shelf and happily reads of an evening. She has most of the books to date and has started becoming interested in the science ranges.

Last year she was chosen to review the Horrible histories Battle Arena and from that moment she was hooked! Pigs were flying around their bedroom. Both her and little K were acting out a made up battle between the Romans and the Egyptians. They were both singing the songs associated with those eras that they had heard in the programme and if you asked them a question they would give you a fact that they had seen or read from the Horrible Histories tv show or books.

You can see more about the battle arena here

Recently on a trip to The Entertainer to pick up a moshi monster pack for little K, i spotted these marked down at sale price. After the use that the Battle arena has got i knew i had to snap them up quick! 

The Roman Battle pack and Starter set

The Egyptian battle pack and starter set. 

The smaller packs - the Battle packs were priced at just £1.99 each and the larger packs - the starter sets, were just £4 each.

I had a quick look on the Entertainers website and couldn't see them on there. I suspect my local store was just clearing away old stock so it is worth checking out your local store for them or perhaps phoning in advance to see if they have them. 

I did find them on toys r us at a similar price though, which i have linked up for you. 

I know it means lots of little bits but i think they are great buys. On amazon the battle packs are selling for £8.99 each so i consider them a bargain :D 

4 little stocking fillers sorted! and should have two happy girls come xmas day :D

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