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Thursday, 6 November 2014

All i want for Christmas is.....

A Wii U!!

But not just any Wii U... a Zelda Wii U

Its not a lie that all members of my household are huge Nintendo fans. From the tender age of just 9 i was happier playing Mario on the SNES than i was playing dollies. When i was 16 and got my first job, i saved up and i spent 3 weeks wages on a NES console and 2 games! Happy wasn't the word. By then i was pregnant and i had spent 3 years, mentally in a pretty bad place, my computers were my escape. As i grew older and my list of responsibilities grew i still found i turned to the computers to relax and have fun. As technology has advanced i can communicate with family online while playing games, perfect now we all live in different parts of the UK. I have and still do (all be it in my mums loft) own every console that Nintendo have produced, still in their boxes, with original instructions. They are like my gaming babies, quite literally the only thing i every really have a splurge on. In 2012 the Wii U was released and i have been on a mission ever since to save up enough to buy one! Each time we save up the money towards it, an unexpected bill pops up, we need more food, the kids need clothes. As fast as we save up money it was gone! Then i heard about the release of a new Zelda game and i was hell bent on buying myself the console. Being Nintendo fans too the girls have asked me now for 2 years, for both their birthdays and christmas, if we will buy them a Wii U. Financially though it is still out of our reach so i have spent the last few weeks looking for deals, reading game reviews in the hope i will find a second hand console for under £100. 

These are the games that interest us all the most:

Little K is angry bird mad. She was brought a tablet for christmas and it is by far the most used app on the whole thing. In GAME, angry birds trilogy is just £21.99 pre owned. It is abit more than i would like to pay for a second hand game but despite being a game released last year in some places it is still selling for over £30! If i ever do buy a Wii U though i know this will be one game i have to buy! 

This is more for family entertainment. We could all sit and play this together so appeals to us alot. We often have a gaming or a film night where we just sit and act like kids for a few hours. Its fun and free! At £42.89 in Toys R Us though this is a big chunk of my christmas budget so i may have to wait till i can find this second hand. 

Another family game. Can you tell that Mario is a big favourite in our house? :) This is actually the hubbys choice. On its own in Smyths toys it is £40 but it can be purchased as a bundle with the Wii U console for around £250.  

Personally i have never seen the fascination with this series of games but big K loves them! This one, she has told me is the best of them all so if it ever comes to buying a Wii U, i know this will be on my list of games to buy! Priced in Play.com for just £28.75 i think this is a great buy. 

Ok i admit... this is for me. I am the biggest Zelda fan. I own and have played over and over again, every single title that has come out. I love the story, the characters, the graphics. I honestly wouldn't be seen for days if not weeks after christmas if this turned up in my stocking! It is brand new having only been out a couple of months. It is available in most shops but priced at the Nintendo store for £39.99

So Santa.... we have been good little Bennetts this year. Here is my families Wii U wish list. As i am of course looking at saving up for the console and possibly being able to buy it in a couple of years time :) What games would you recommend? Do you or your children have a favourite? 

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