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Friday, 28 November 2014

A safe smartphone for kids..

Big K is 12 now and walking to school alone. She has a mobile that we brought from a friend but i worry about how much she uses it and what she uses it for. I know how easy it is to innocently type something into google and have adult websites and nude photos poop up on the screen. It worries me that this may happen to her too. Now team that up with the fact that as its a smart phone she has access to thousands of unsuitable apps, all which cost money that she will of course spend as she has access to it on tap. I have no way of stopping this as it comes out of her credit which i put on each month in case of an emergency! I admit we did not hesitate to buy the phone she has now, we needed one quickly on a very small budget and i wanted to buy off someone who could use the money rather than give to a shop. I didn't really think about how much she would use the phone and i never really got concerned about all the details until she actually had it in her hand and was accessing the internet daily. On a computer i can monitor her, on a phone i cant. 

I was sent an email from a friend, telling me that Kurio were looking for people to become #KurioFamilyBloggers. I have purchased a tablet before from them a few years back which little K loved and was massively impressed with how well designed the product was for children. I had no idea however that they had kid friendly safe smartphone in their product range. 

Easy to use with all the parental controls i could possibly imagine, this is a parents dream come true. The Kurio phone would enable me to limit the things she can access on the internet, set limits on the apps she can download and use and i could monitor her phone usage. The most important feature for me is that i could loosen the reigns as she gets older and allow her more access to age suitable apps. For me this is important as it means it will be a long lasting phone. Big K would feel like she has the responsibility of a mobile and feel grown up but i can make sure she is safe all round. If this phone is built anywhere near to the standards that their Kurio tablet is built, i know it will be something which little K could use when Big K eventually becomes responsible and old enough to not need the parental controls in place. From a money saving perspective, this saves money all round. While Technology is continuously advancing, there would simply be no need to purchase mobile after mobile in the hope that it contains one feature which is useful from a parents point of view. The Kurio Phone has everything already in place. 

So i am using this post to apply to be a #KurioFamilyBlogger. My reason behind applying is quite simply that in this day and age, mobile phones are essential. Big K however is still only 12 years old and there is things i do not wish her to access. If i was lucky enough to be chosen, i would love for me and Big K to test and review the Kurio Phone.  From Big K's point of view, she is a typical pre teen. She spends her spare time taking photos, listening to you tube and playing games. As well as the safety features, with  the front and rear camera and the fact that it runs on android appeals to her. It means she can play the games she does now, access you tube for her make up videos on You Tube, listen to her music and still be able to text her friends. 

If you would like to see more information about the Kurio Phone or any other Kurio product you can do so by popping over to www.kurioworld.com


  1. Great review and nice to know how easy parental controls are to use.

  2. This is interesting. My son is 11 and has just started secondary school, he would really like a mobile but I wasnt sure. You may have just changed my mind!




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