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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Make your own no sew draft snake

Out of nowhere last week, the temperature dropped quite suddenly and me and the hubby found our self digging out the hats and gloves, shining the girls winter boots and juggling money around to buy them vests and thick tights for school. I have made these every year for as long as i can remember. They are fantastic for keeping out that little bit of cold air and a great craft for kids to make at home.

Items needed:
  • An old pair of leggings or tights (adult/teen size)
  • Stuffing - (old pillows, toy stuffing, old clothes/rags)

Step one - Cut the legs away from the crotch area. If using leggings tie a tight knot in one end.

 I actually wanted a closed end. So i turned the leg inside out, tied it with abit of rag and turned it the right way around.

Step two - Fill your snake with your stuffing. I use whatever i have available. For this snake i used strips of old clothes.

*Tip - know those old flat pillows everyone has in their house? Roll them (may have to cut in half) and use them to stuff your door snakes. Removing the stuffing from them will give you more stuffing to play with though*

This particular one turned into more of a pillow than a door snake. If i had used a pair of my daughters old trousers it would have been much skinnier and more snake like.

Step 3 - Once stuffed tie a knot in the remaining open end and place where you want to stop drafts

These are so incredibly cheap to make simply using items that are already in your house. There is plenty of other things you can use. Knee high socks are great for smaller areas such as windows. 

There is also lots and lots of variations for those who like to sew. 
  • Add ears and legs to make a sausage dog 
  • Add a tongue and eyes to make a snake
  • Make a patchwork tube using the tops of odd socks - simply sew them together to form a long colorful tube
Rice can also be used to fill these but i personally prefer not to as it would work out quite messy if the knot should undo.

If you would prefer not to have a more chunky bag you could turn it inside out and and fold it over a little then hand sew a few stitches to hold it in place. 

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