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Monday, 27 October 2014

Lush haul

I love LUSH products. I haven't treated myself in their for over 10 years, barring Christmas presents. I used to just buy the lip scrubs and the make up and only ever brought a bath bomb with Christmas money. I bit the bullet last week and used the tiny bit of money i had saved up to spend on me for a change. I am the furthest from girly possible, i wouldn't know the difference between a lotion or a scrub but i do like nice smells, natural products and a long soak in a hot bath behind a locked door!

After smelling pretty much every single item in the whole shop, i decided on 3 bath bombs.

Granny Takes A Dip

I loved the look of this one. It has a lemon and ginger scent which appealed to me first of all. The assistant showed us what it was like and it fascinated me. It was just an explosion of colours! I was hooked as soon as it started fizzing in the water. It is quite a large bath bomb, it is larger  than my hand, but only £3.35 per item.


I thought this was cute, it is part of LUSH's Christmas range. It has a mild chocolate and vanilla smell and only priced at £1.95 each, It is quite small so i am thinking this would be great for big K as a stocking filler


This one is part of LUSH's Halloween range. It has a long and slow fizz and spins as soon as it hits the water. It has a rose scent which i found quite light. Out of all of them i am most looking forward to this one. It is quite a large bar and costs just £3.50 for each bar.

I ran out of money but i have my eye on a few more i would like to try. I am particularly interested in the shampoo bars. They are a little more expensive at £6.75 a bar so they may have to wait till next months pay day but i have heard that they last for ages!

As i am abit of a LUSH newbie, what would you recommend? Id love to know what products people love the most. 


  1. I absolutely have to get myself a butter bear! but he looks so cute i wouldnt want to put him in the bath!

    1. It's lovely! I think you will like him :)




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