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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lennor Unstoppables Quick review

I was recently given a sample of the new Lenor Unstoppables to test. I thought i would quickly let you know what i thought. 

I am a regular Lenor user so when these come out i was really tempted to try them. The claim that they give 12 weeks of freshness appealed to me but price wise they were very expensive to buy without trying first. The advert says you can use as little or as much as you wanted which added to the appeal. A regular grumble in my house is that i do not use the recommended amount of softener of fabric powder. This comes from making my own but drives the hubby mad! 

I was sent a 30g pack to try. With the recommended amount being 18g (about a capful) This gave me 2 washes to try out. I decided to test this on the sofa cushions and the uniform. With 2 kids and 3 cats my sofa does get grubby quickly me and hubby are also both smokers and even though we do not smoke indoors the smell attaches to fabric. 

I could smell this through the packet! The little beads are really strong but i found this pleasant. Upon opening it, the little beads are very soft and waxy and plenty of them in there. They are not designed to go into the fabric softener part of the washing machine draw! something i had to remember. 

The sofa Test

I used half a packet alongside this wash. The smell coming from my washing machine was great but it hit you when you opened the washing machine door. The covers were quite soft and bouncy like i expect with Lenor products but the smell was quite over powering. Putting them on the line i hoped that the fresh air would calm this down abit. I liked the fresh linen smell, it has always appealed to me but the strength of it was too much. Everytime the wind blew it wafted in a further strong scent. If anything i didn't need to burn my usual oils that day to make the house smell nice! Once on my sofa they had the same effect. Every Time someone sat down a smell wafted up which was equally overpowering but much more manageable, i suspect it was just really strong out of the machine. 

It has now been a week since using and my sofa cushions are still smelling nice and are soft and fluffy. By this stage i would be looking into washing them again but they do not look like they need it so have left that job. The smell is calming down, it is still there but not anywhere near as strong, it is now very manageable and very pleasant. 

The clothes test

I chose the uniforms as these are the most used items of clothing in the house. After the overpowering smell with the sofa cushions, i choose to use much less than is recommended. I was left with around 15gs in my sample pack and i chose to half that again. Again the clothes were soft and smelled lovely, using much less did not compromise on the quality of the wash at all. The one thing i did notice is that the smell did not fill the room like it did before, upon opening the washing machine door, the smell did hit me but this time it was very light and for me just perfect. This was not effected when it come in off the line and when i ironed these the smell just come up again. 

It has now been a week since i used the unstoppables with my uniform wash. I can honestly say for 2 washes after my initial wash the smell was still quite strong, i didnt feel the need to use more fabric softener. 4 washes later, there is still a hint of a smell which is very soft and in my personal opinion, one that you wouldn't notice unless really close to one of my kids. 


I think that lenors claims of the fragrance lasting 12 weeks are slightly exaggerated. Without a doubt they lasted much longer than an ordinary fabric softener would but i think 12 weeks might be pushing it. For me personally, unless on offer these are so far out of my price range its unreal. At £5/£6 a large tub, thats 2 or 3 meals for my children. For a low user or a very small family i think the price is good, but for a family who wash maybe 2 loads a day this is just not in most peoples budget. It would be something that i stock up on if it is on a great offer though. 

Smell wise.. The overpowering smell when i used a full recommended amount was really too much. It was a thick, heavy smell and it felt like i couldn't breathe. I loved that it filled my downstairs with a gorgeous fresh linen smell but I was over the moon when that scent died down. That was the only flaw for me. Personally when i washed the uniform i found it pleasant, it wasnt too over powering. I think the recommended dose should only be used on heavy items such as duvets, curtains, blankets. I would personally consider using much much less for a clothes wash again if i get more. 

*I was sent a product to try but all opinions and views expressed are my own*

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