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Thursday, 23 October 2014

He needs me, even if he thinks he doesnt!

My sister has just had her baby, she lives back home in London so i am travelling with the kids next week to see them both. Hubby has to work so he is staying at home. I've been gearing myself up for a busy week this week as i have to clean the house, get a suitcase packed for me and the kids and make sure that hubby has everything he needs while we are away. We had a chat about it all before i booked the train and i asked him if he will be ok. Of course he said yes! although i know different!

I am not a stereotypical wife, Im lazy with the housework, his dinner isn't on the table when he is home from work and i dont have a cup of coffee waiting for him when he walks in or wakes up. He is more than capable of feeding himself, washing his own clothes and not burning down our house for the 4 days i am away but despite his protests that he is a big boy, him asking "how do you think i managed before i met you?" just reminds me of how much he needed a woman when he was on his own! Like alot of single men, he had beer bottles littering his kitchen and he lived off cheese toasties and beans on toast. He worked from home and openly admits that he sat around in his boxers and a tshirt typing away on his laptop without a care in the world.

While i know he will be ok i have spent the week making sure he has enough clean socks, enough clean pants, that his clothes are washed and ironed and that the house is clean. I worry because i know the lazy thing will sit in the same pair of boxers or worse in the buff on my sofa!!! and i will come home to find a mountain of washing up and discover this is all he has eaten for 4 days solid.....

Yummy right!

He thinks i am overreacting, he thinks that eating meat doorstops for 4 days is ok... selfishly i just do not want to come back to a greased up back splash, a blocked toilet and a house that stinks of cheesy feet and something that come out of the back end of a cow! 

I decided to make a plan and in true list making fashion i made several lists and have stuck them to the walls in the house. Just little reminders... dont forget the electric, dont leave the lights on, yes you like background noise when your dozing off but the tv eats electric so use the mp3 player! The toilet seat should remain down not left up for man pee to fester on... dont be a tramp, wipe it up! Maybe i am overreacting or maybe i come across as overbearing but he does need these little reminders or , as he puts it, forgets! 

To stop the meat doorstep from happening i am cooking meals ahead for him. While i expect him to want to order a kebab knowing full well he can enjoy it without us wanting some, i want to relax while im away not worry that he isn't eating anything. I might not be the stereotypical wife but i love him and want him to be looked after just like if i was here. All this has made me realise that i perhaps need to be less lazy with the housework. I do, do it but im happy to live in a disorganized mess instead of a show home. He works hard to provide for us and maybe a nice home cooked hot meal when he walks in is not a bad idea. Or maybe i am just being soppy because we will be away from him for 4 days! and when i return home i will be back to nagging him to get the bedroom sorted :D Whatever the reason he is enjoying being pampered and i am enjoying looking after him. 

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