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Monday, 27 October 2014

Government Electricity Rebate (GBR)

I was recently told about this but initially did not believe it. Most money back or discounts are for those who are on benefits or a low income. We do not fall under either despite living financially worse off than someone on job seekers allowance! 

The rebate is a government scheme introduced this year to all domestic electricity customers, regardless of income or method of payment. The rebate will be over 2 years and Ofgem have announced that all electricity suppliers are to refund each customer £12 for each of the 2 years. 

My letter arrived the other day in the form of a voucher with a barcode that needs to be scanned when i top up. The collection process was simple. All i needed was my electric key, a form of id and they simply scanned the barcode and topped my key up with £12. Some people have reported this rebate being put direct onto their key or meter so it is worth checking before you go to top up. For those who are paying via direct debit, the £12 will be taken off your bill. 

Many people are reporting to have received this within the last fortnight but they do have to do it before February 2015. With so many customers, it will understandably take time to complete. 

It is a nice little bonus before Christmas, especially as we are on bill week this week and we have little money to get by on. 

You can find more information by clicking the link below. 

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