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Friday, 24 October 2014

Frugal Friday: Make your own button bowls

I am sucker for homemade items! I love this idea as buttons are cheap enough to buy in bulk on ebay or amazon. If your feeling even more frugal, save your buttons up from old clothes.... this may take a while though! 

Found via cheapcrafting.com 

Its simple enough to make. All that is needed is buttons, a balloon and glue. 

Simply blow up a balloon and glue buttons to the round side of the balloon. Allow t dry and pop the balloon. 

Remember me raving on about mod podge before? You could use mod podge on the outside once dried to strengthen your bowl. I make my own, you can see the recipe here 

Cheap easy gifts or make one (or several!) just to brighten your home for just a couple of pound.  

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