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Monday, 20 October 2014

Diet time - Week 4 : 20/10

After my bump last week i tried super hard this week to stay on track and follow the advice given.
I ate lots of fruit and veg and even managed some exercise. I feel alot better in myself and am finding that i am settling into a routine nicely.

Weigh in this week was better than expected. The nurse was pleased with my progress and happy with my meal plan. After pointing me in the right direction with a few things i was unsure about, it was time to suck up any fears and step on the scales!

3lb loss! Yes i said it right 3 whole lbs! Just the boost i needed. It brings my total loss to 3 and 1/2 lbs for the first 4 weeks. I would have liked to see a bigger number if im honest. It did knock me back abit that it was so low, especially compared to other people in my position. I did express my fears that perhaps i am not trying hard enough. The nurse quickly shot those down but in reality i really am not. I've been lazy with meals, grabbing things to snack on instead of sitting down to eat. All healthy things like carrot or cucumber sticks but obviously that is a habit i have to break quickly. I am honestly fine with it coming off slow but i think i need to hit that stone mark, i just need a visual boost or i know i will give up.

As it has been 4 weeks, she done my measurements before giving me this weeks goals.

My measurements and weight:

Chest - 54" 
Waist - 52" 
Hips - 58" 
Upper arm - 15 1/2" 
Upper leg - 29" 

Weight - 21 stone 6 1/2 lbs 

Nothing much has changed other than my weight. I suppose i should be ok with that as its such a minimal loss this month. I cant help wonder if just the inches coming off would be enough to boost me instead of watching the numbers on the scales. The nurse did say if i could manage just 5 mins daily it would help massively so that is my personal goal this week. I will do something for 5 mins a day just so i am moving and maybe burn off what my body thinks it needs to hold on to.

Goals for the week:

  • Eat 3 small meals each day
  • No snacking after 9pm 
  • Drink more water instead of filling up on food. 
Nice and easy this week and with my new positive head on, i think i can do it. No.... scrap that... i KNOW i can do it! 


  1. Thank you, i needed the boost :D I can relax a little now lol




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