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Monday, 13 October 2014

Diet time - Week 3 : 13/10

This week has been a little bit like being on a roller coaster. It was big K's Birthday and we have had sickness going through the house. Because of this i haven't eaten properly at all. I've reverted back to bad habits of just snacking and it showed as soon as i stepped on the scales.

This week i put on 1lb bringing my total weight loss for the last 3 weeks to just 1/2 lb. To say i am gutted is an understatement. I have tried so hard to stick to a meal plan and have shoved more food in my face this last fortnight than i have done in years. The nurse tried to reassure me that my meal plan was ok, and after a chat with her it become plainly obvious that me feeling like this was not down to me piling on 1lb of my total loss.

Something happened last week which set me back, made me feel like a failure and made me feel like giving up. Hubby must have noticed this as he spent most of the weekend keeping me busy so i was distracted from what was bothering me. This setback made me lose focus, it made me lose my reason for doing this in the first place and it wasnt until i spoke to the nurse that i realised i was starting to show signs of giving up.

The nurse convinced me that we all need to put on some of our weight loss sometimes so we can kick ourselves up the bum and keep going, often with more determination. She knows my medical history and knows that when i feel like a failure that 9 out of 10 times nothing will make me think otherwise. Her words rung true to me though, i was beating myself up over a 1lb put on when in fact it was my fault. I ate that kebab knowing i shouldnt have and i reverted back to my old habits of eating. It took years for me to learn to cope with that little food and it will take time to unlearn those habits and start with fresh ones.

With that in mind she gave me no new goals. She simply said this was a free week, we all need a treat or we would give up completely. I am simply to pick up where i left off and continue what i was doing.

I am hoping now i am more aware of my mood and with the other advice i received, that next Monday i will have lost this 1lb i have gained plus another 1lb more :)

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