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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Diet time - Week 2 : 6/10

I was slightly nervous about this weeks weigh in. Im due on, i feel fat and am grumpy and really wasn't expecting any sort of change. I managed to eat plenty of fruit last week and even done some light exercising. My efforts paid off! I managed to lose 1/2 lb :D  Not much i know but a little bit is better than nothing or even worse putting that 1lb i lost last week back on!

My dietician is pleased with my efforts and after running through my meal planner for this week and last weeks meals, she has set me some new targets for the next week.

Goals for this week are:

  • To eat 3 meals a day for 3-4 days of the week. 
  • Snack between meals - cucumber/carrot sticks
  • Try to do an hours exercise this week. 
On top of that i am to make sure that i am eating a balance of food and to introduce a couple of veggie days. 

I am excited about the whole situation. I was initially nervous and worried that i wouldn't be able to keep motivated. I have decided to try save £100 by the end of the year. That £100 will go towards buying me 2 outfits, one in the size i am when i buy it and one a couple of sizes smaller. I am hoping that this will motivate me enough to keep going as i know that i will start to lose motivation soon, especially with christmas taking priority. 

I will update more in a couple of weeks but for now i have surprised myself at how easy it has been to get into a better eating routine. Before i restarted my millionth diet journey, i was convinced that i just could not handle food. The nurses suspects this is true and too much food at once would likely make me physically sick. By easing myself into through snacking and slowly introducing a variety of different textured food, i am training myself both physically and mentally to accept that food is not an enemy. If i'm honest just the fact i was able to remember that little sentence has shocked me! I would usually roll my eyes and say ok...! I think as long as i can remain focused and positive i should get through my first month without any hiccups :)

Total loss so far = 1 1/2 lbs :D 




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