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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Christmas buys week 1

I may have started a little late but money has been tight the last few months and it has only been recently we have had the money to take advantage of any sales or had some money spare to pick up little bits. 

I wanted to document what I was buying and how often, more for my own reasons that anything but because everything I buy is on offer or reduced I thought it would be good to share. 

Today I went for a walk around Tesco. I was looking for a winter coat for the girls and happened to stumble by the aisle I always avoid... The toy aisle! Little K drives me nuts when we are in a store that sells toys. She has to study every single one and if she finds anything she wants, sorry needs! She will make it known! 

Being the My Little Pony fan that I know she is I saw this and had to have a closer look. 

This beauty was half price in the Tesco toy sale. I knew i had to buy them! 

The DJ PON -3 Rocking Convertible was just £10 (down from £20). It fits 2 Equestria girls and the windscreen doubles up as glasses which she can wear. 

The Princess Luna is part of the Rainbow Rocks range. I paid £8 for it - the full price, as it is on i have not seen before. When i quizzed little K about it, she hadn't either. Perfect surprise for her this Christmas :) 

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