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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bargain Buys: Week 5 - 21st October

Instead of the usual linking of lots of things i have been sharing posts to my facebook page.

I am a massive fan of natural yogurt. I can, if left to my own devices, live off the stuff! I replace milk with yogurt for my cereal and will happily eat a pot or 2 with lunch or to replace food. This comes at a cost though, if i buy the greek yogurts i adore, they are not cheap. I have brought the value brand yogurts for some time but it is not the same. I decided it would be better financially to make my own so have been on the hunt for a yogurt maker.

I found these 2 which have caught my eye.

This one includes £4.99 postage

Or this one

This one is free postage.

I decided to choose the 1st one. The total cost was £20 but i saved over £25 on it. I liked the idea of having 7 separate jars so i could experiment with flavours.

Both are really good bargains with really big savings. Perfect for yogurt lovers like me.

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