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Monday, 20 October 2014

50 random facts about me

I was talking to some other bloggers recently who were talking about the facts about me posts that i had seen alot last month. They said it was fun to do and i admit i have enjoyed reading them. It was great to get to know the person behind the blog a little more so i thought i would do it too.

  1. I am 29 years old but have the mind of a 50 year old
  2. I have 3 children, my son is my rainbow baby. 
  3. I detest peppers! 
  4. I'm a huge geek - i love Zelda, Mario and World of Warcraft
  5. I am a complete man when it comes to beauty. I have no clue how to shave my legs properly, apply make up and have no fashion sense at all
  6. I am highly opinionated, i often do not know when to stop. 
  7. I am a Manic Depressive, it has taken me a long time to realise that but i feel better now i do.
  8. I have had and beaten breast cancer 3 times. 
  9. I hate square rooms
  10. I hate odd numbers - I line tins in my cupboard so they are even and will only have even change in my purse
  11. I am a compulsive list maker, i have a notebook for everything!
  12. I am at my happiest knitting, meal planning or on pinterest. 
  13. I love pinterest it is my most used phone app. 
  14. I have no social life because i choose too. My friends live in the computer, 
  15. I am happiest at home, i do not like to leave the house. 
  16. I like to cook but since i blew the oven up i have developed a fear of using it. 
  17. I am known by more than 2 names. I can legally use them all. 
  18. I am really disorganized when it comes to housework, i like it that way it is my disorganized mess, i know where things are. 
  19. I love candles! I would trade the hubby for a Yankee candle. 
  20. I can read tarot cards, read rune stones, tea leaves and palms. 
  21. My dream job is to be a child psychologist
  22. I never want to get married. I will but it is not important to me if i dont. 
  23. Me and Gareth have never married but we refer to each other as husband and wife. 
  24. I once was stupid and got my head stuck between railings trying to impress someone
  25. I have never been inside a club for more than 10 minutes
  26. I have only been abroad once to Michigan to see a friend. I do not like flying and prefer to stay in the UK.
  27. I once got very drunk before going to the dentist and puked all over his shoes. 
  28. I am a night owl. I hate mornings! 
  29. I laugh like a little kid if someone farts or falls over. I cant help it. 
  30. My favourite music artist is Brad Paisley - he plays a mix of country/pop/rock. He is fantastic
  31. Meatloaf is my god! I adore him and cried for days when i couldnt afford to see him live. 
  32. When i am out shopping i am annoyingly organized. I pile boxes in one corner, tins in another, fruit and veg in the slot at the front and when i get to the till each pile must go on one at a time. I also stop randomly every 10 mins to count the total. 
  33. I have a 29 inch leg, I am actually shorter but i like my trousers to cover my shoes. 
  34. I am deaf in one ear. A result of a perforated ear drum. I also have tinnitus 
  35. The Chinese accent fascinates me. 
  36. At 29 i still do not know my times tables. Maths is not my strong point. Hubby has to count out everything for me
  37. I was pregnant at 16 and sat my GCSE's while 5 months pregnant. 
  38. I can not wear high heels, i walk like John Wayne! and would likely break my neck. 
  39. I have an annoying habit of googling everything. It drives my mum up the wall when we watch a film as i have to google the actors and look at the film synopsis. 
  40. I talk in my sleep, i have been known to swear quite loudly too. 
  41. It needs to be perfectly silent in order for me to settle down to sleep. I often struggle as hubby snores like a sealion calling for a mate! 
  42. I have misophonia - certain noises really annoy me to the point where i get angry. It is uncontrollable, debilitating and means i do not leave my house without my earphones and music playing. My miso triggers are - people chewing (including myself) snoring, animals licking themselves, lip smacking and sniffing up snot. Unfortunately it is not something which is understood so i hide it and just avoid situations where there are lots of people. 
  43. I have never liked wearing shoes or socks. I prefer to be barefooted as much as possible. 
  44. I do not feel the cold. I put this down to not being able to afford gas. I think i am just used to it now, 
  45. I am polite and will say please and thank you but i rarely give compliments, Someone has to go above and beyond to receive one off me. 
  46. I do not sympathize with stupid people. We are all born with common sense and if we do not use it and end up getting hurt, i think it is their problem. 
  47. I am a blog addict. I do not read newspapers or magazines but can spend hours on bloglovin reading the days posts. 
  48. I can easily sleep for over 10 hours and still feel tired
  49. I hate anything to do with trends, I do not follow the norm i like to be different. 
  50. I am quite a negative person. I am defiantly a pessimist. I see the bad in everyone and everything before i see the good. I feel better prepared if anything was to go wrong this way, 
So there you have it, 50 things about moi :) Hopefully this has given you a little more insight into who i am as a person :) 

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