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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Marks and Spencer September flower delivery

Hubby was lucky enough to be picked as a winner for a years supply of flowers from Marks and Spencer! Like the majority of hubby's, mine only gives me flowers if he has done something wrong, thinks he has done something wrong or wants to sweeten me up before asking me for something! 

Each month between the 7th and the 14th a really beautiful big bunch of flowers is delivered to my door. I love fresh flowers in the house, it makes the room feel homely and with 2 kids, 3 cats and a hubby with smelly feet!, its nice to have a real feminine smell in the room. 

This month i received this gorgeous bunch. I should have taken a photo in the vase really as this picture does not do them any justice. Some were not fully open so i would expect them to last longer than most bunches of flowers. They had a really strong floral scent which i loved and the colours went perfectly in my living room :)

They arrived in this big box by courier. The box was well packaged and nothing was sliding around inside. To give you an idea how big the box is, here is Kaycee (8) standing next to it. 

Inside the box, they were wrapped in the usual wrapping that you would expect when ordering flowers and some cellophane wrapping to protect them. They were snuggled into some cardboard which held them nicely in place and included a small sachet of plant food.

All in all i was impressed by the service and the condition. The flowers looked like they had just been picked. There was plenty of around them and they were not to bunched up. Once in the vase i added some water and the flower food. They amazing in the vase. The bunch had the right amount of flowers and additional greens to give a bulky look without being too crowded. I am a terrible flower arranger, i tend to just bung them in the vase and worry about how it looks later, but these were easy to just take out the wrapping and place into a vase, keeping the perfect arrangement that was already there. 

After 1 week of the flowers being in the vase they have started to open up. The ones which were already open still look as fresh as the day they arrived and the leaves are still a very strong green colour. Scent wise, they still smell gorgeous and as the flowers are opening at different times, there is a constant fresh smell coming from them. 

I am already looking forward to receiving my next bunch. As they are picked for me, it is a surprise each month what arrives. They are very carefully chosen and i couldn't praise the staff more for the care they give when picking them if i tried. Thank you Marks and Spencers. 

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