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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

KFC fakeaway

I do love a takeaway, there is something comforting about them. Budget wise though, they are not so friendly. 

I needed something quick i could make for dinner and had some drumsticks in the fridge i had forgotten to put in the freezer! The kids fancied a KFC so i had a google and this is what come up. 

Ingredients: (adjust if making more than 8) 

  • Chicken pieces - i used drumsticks - skinned or unskinned
  • Flour - plain is fine (optional)
  • Seasoning - I used a taco mix
  • 1 egg
  • Breadcrumbs


Step 1 - Skin your chicken pieces
*If you are not skinning or do not need to skin your chicken then skip to step 2*

I made half and half. I do not like the skin on meat whereas the others love it. I made 6 pieces with the skin on and 2 with the skin off. 

Firstly place your chicken into a large pan and Cover with water. You may add garlic or salt and pepper if wanted. Leave to simmer for around 15- 25 mins then cool. 
Drain off the stock and remove the skin off the chicken. It should come off quite easy. Pat dry and put to one side. 
*Frugal Tip - The stock makes a fantastic base for chicken soups, it is freezable if not wanting to use within 2 days*

Step 2 - Prepare your coating. 

If you look online there is many different things you can use for coating. As i am on a slimming world type diet i used my bread allowance for the coating. It could be made syn free by using smash or couscous. 

Mix the breadcrumbs and seasoning together in one bowl. 

In another bowl beat an egg and in a third bowl add some plain flour (optional)

Step 3 - Coat your chicken pieces 

Start by dipping your chicken into the bowl with the egg, coat it well. Then roll your eggy chicken in the bowl with the bread crumb mix and place on a baking tray lined with foil. If you wish you can spray a little fry light onto the foil to stop the chicken sticking.

Repeat until all pieces are covered. 

Step 4 - Cook your chicken

Turn your oven to 200 degrees and cook the chicken for around 20 mins, turning in between to ensure it is cooked evenly. The coating goes a nice golden brown when cooked (i overcooked mine a little) 

Step 5 - Serve and enjoy! 

I made some garlic and herb mash, BBQ beans, corn on the cob, cheesy stuffed mushrooms and a salad to go with our meal. I placed some garlic butter rolls on the table, some sauce and some pop. I used paper plates to avoid washing up and put the lot on the table. 

It tasted almost the same as if i had been to the shop itself, i was very impressed and will be making it again. 

The total cost for the whole meal was just £ 7.68p for the 4 of us. I could have made this cheaper for around £1 per person but i over done it on the corn on the cobs and paid way to much for the bottle of coke. I think next time i will try different flavourings for the bread mix and definitely not pay so much for the sides! 

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