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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Diet time - Week 1: 29/09

Today was my first official weigh in. To say i was nervous is an understatement! I normally am able to control my emotions but today i was visibly shaking. The nurse put me at ease within seconds and sat me down to talk through my diet sheet. Last week i stuck to my normal eating pattern, i ate 1 meal a day and snacked throughout the evening when i was starving! I did show her the meal plan i had made and that intended to stick to but i just couldn't eat that much no matter how hard i tried!

As she did last week, she put me at ease right away. I handed her my meal plan and the sheet i had write my actual meals on. She said she could see i had tried hard and was pleased at my attempt to eat fruit in the morning to replace breakfast. After a little chatting about what i could try for next week, she invited me to step on the scales... 

1lb loss!!!! Brilliant, i was so happy i could have hugged her. I done very little different except do a couple of extra school runs this week. Something i shall now be keeping up on a more regular basis, which should please the hubby! 

Getting over my excitement she warned me that this is likely to be fluid loss. I didn't really care if i'm honest. A 1 lb loss is a 1 lb loss. Its given me a little bit of a confidence boost that i desperately needed, as i was initially worried that i was doing something wrong and would completely fail at this like i have every other time! 

She hasn't given me any new goals this week, she has just asked me to follow the same goals that i was given when i went for my first consultation. This is just so i start eating and forming better eating habits. Will see how this goes for the week. Hopefully next monday i will have lost a little more and be in a better eating routine :) 

I know lots of people are trying to loose weight. As my problem is mainly eating the right amount not the food i am eating, id love to hear any tips anyone might have. If you are on your own weight loss journey, how are you doing? 

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