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Monday, 8 September 2014

Crochet a beanie hat

I recently taught myself to crochet. It is something my nan showed me years ago but i took knitting up first. After months of making headbands and fingerless gloves, i wanted something more challenging. My original intention was to make a circular basket but it turned into a beanie hat halfway through. 

This beanie hat is adult size and took me around an hour to finish. I made the mistake of using a very large hook so it ended up being quite loose. Fortunately though Kirsty loved it. 

Here is my attempt, i definitely need to sort out the tightness of my stitches. 

I'm not very good at reading patterns for crochet, they confuse me much more than any other craft. I find watching videos on youtube to be very useful when i am working on a project. Here is a pattern i found off a blog that i love reading. Its very simple and perfect for beginners as it sticks to the basic stitches. 

If you are anything like me and prefer to use a video to follow when making something. Happy Berry Crochet also have a video tutorial.

With winter coming up this is the perfect time to try your skills and make yourself or your kids something warm to wear.

Happy crocheting :D

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  1. My daughter started to crotchet when she went to Uni. She is self taught thanks to youtube and has made us some lovely Christmas gifts x




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