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Friday, 1 August 2014

Monster high apptivity: Finders Creepers review + giveaway

Anyone with older girls will have heard of monster high, if not you must have seen them advertised? My eldest collects them, loves everything to do with monster high and although is no longer in the doll playing stage of her life, happily stands them up on a shelf to look pretty. 

While browsing the net for Christmas bargains I came across these little figures. They looked perfect for a small treat so brought a couple for the kids. 

There is 4 characters in available to buy (3 are shown above)
  • Draculaura
  • Lagoona blue
  • Clawdeen wolf
  • Frankie stein 
We reviewed Frankie Stein (the blue model) and Draculaura (pink model)

The figures themselves are quite nice just sitting on a shelf, however the main reason for their existence is to interact with the Monster High apptivity app, available free via the app store. This app seems to only be available for the ipad. Each figure comes with an instruction booklet and a leaflet informing you how to download the app. 

Once the app was downloaded we set about playing with the figures. 

The app loaded quick and we were greeted with this scene above asking us to choose our character. The monster high theme plays in the background - something my youngest in particular thoroughly enjoyed.

Each character has its own setting and its own set of missions to complete.  You can enter another characters setting using a different character if wanted as well which makes expands the game for abit longer once you have finished your characters missions.

Once your character is selected you are given 2 screens which show you how to use the figures. Each figure comes with scratch resistant pads to protect your ipad while you are using them. Even though i knew this i still cringed when my heavy handed 8 year old started playing!

The game can be played without the toy. I found it hard to navigate around with just my fingers though

Once you have got past the how to use page the game begins. This is where you complete your goals. I decided to play as Clawdeen Wolf and one of my goals was to turn over benches. When i moved near a fallen bench, a purple hue appeared prompting me to turn it over.

In the top left hand corner is the options for the game, where you can see your goals, see a tutorial or return to the home screen.

This is my character, Frankie Stein, playing in Draculaura's area. After walking around i found Draculaura who gave me some hints on how to progress further.


Both my kids enjoyed playing the game. It is easy to use, fun to play and suitable for a wide range of ages. I would have though ages 6+ would be more suitable, just based on the fact you are playing with an ipad screen and younger children may be slightly more heavy handed. Also younger children may not be able to complete the game by themselves as some missions are quite hard to get your head around. These are quite small, roughly the size of a lightswitch. They are slightly flexible and attached to their bases so definatly not toys. When i played the game myself i enjoyed it, the story is nice and it flows well from one part to another. If they introduced more i would happily pay for them as i think once finished with, they would look lovely sitting on a shelf.

Ill be honest, i have no idea where to buy these. I found them on toys r us in a sale. Looking online the cheapest i see is £10 on amazon. Personally, i would not pay £10 for these. I suspect they were originally cheaper and it is an amazon seller bumping the price up because they are not available all over shops in the UK. I do think these would make a great stocking filler, a small gift or a birthday though.

I brought an extra figure to give away. This is a Lagoona Blue figure, brand new in box. I am testing out gleam to run this competition. I have not used it before so any problems please leave a me a comment to let me know :)

To enter just follow the instructions in the gleam widget below. Competition starts midnight 2nd August 2014 and will end 11.59pm on 22nd August 2014. UK only due to postage costs.

The only mandatory option is to leave a comment, the rest are optional. You can earn extra daily entries by tweeting and leaving an additional comment.

Winner will be announced within 48 hours of the competition ending. I message the winner via email, facebook or twitter and allow 10 days wait for a reply. If no contact is made i will choose another winner.

Best of luck all :)
Win a monster high apptivity figure


  1. I love Scarah Screams, she looks scary lol

  2. My daughter would go crazy for this!!

  3. Claire Elizabeth Noke4 August 2014 at 22:38

    Frankie Stein, She's Cool, tall, fashionable !! LOL xx

  4. Clawdeen Wolf is my favourite

  5. Draculaura as she's pink and pretty




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