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Monday, 25 August 2014

Make your own play dough in the microwave

All kids like play dough. I used to spend alot of money in shops buying the tubs of it for an assistant to say "you know you can make this yourself right?" No... no i didn't but tell me more! She gave me the directions and i quickly wrote down what i could remember, come home made it... yep you guessed it! Epic fail. I clearly missed out something important, it was too sticky.

After searching the net i realised my mistake and have since produced many ok looking lumps of playdough using the hob. It is hard work though and requires constant stirring so i do not make it as often as the girls would like. Now at the age of 8 and 11, they still enjoy playing with it every now and again and while searching online for ideas for Kaycee's birthday party, i come across this....

Found via Product Saver

As i do not actually own a microwave i have been unable to actually make this, but the time and effort this will save makes it a fantastic idea. I'm toying with the idea of adding glitter to the mix once cooled, to give some additional colours.

What colour would you make first?


  1. I dont warm my playdough up at all cold water flour and salt (food colouring if you want to) Keeps in the fridge for weeks! great stuff! :D

    1. Never tried making it cold... would be even cheaper as using no electric :D




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