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Friday, 29 August 2014

Frugal Friday: Organise your tin cupboard

I have some quirky habits. I hate odd numbers, i detest square rooms and i have some serious issues with the things in my house not matching. I was searching online for ideas to maximise my cupboard space in the kitchen and come across this very useful tip.

We have lots of cupboards but some are quite small, i find they get messy very quickly. One of the most used food items in my house is tinned tomatoes. I must buy around 30 cans a month. My tin cupboard will store 10 lined up and 3 stacked high - 30 tins in total. In this cupboard i have to store tins of baked beans, mushy peas, soup and tins of fruit or custard. When you start taking tins out it becomes one big mess! Tins falling over, getting mixed up, stuff ends up at the back, which goes unnoticed for years (Is it just me that clears the tin cupboard one every 3 years? Gareth thinks i'm odd!) 

I tried baskets and i tried can stackers - pointless! I had less space and still had the issue with rotation and still ended up with out of date tins lurking in the back. I found this tip over at www.thenshemade.com which has saved me a ridiculous amount of stress and made my cupboards look pretty with coordinating colours. I know in America, fridge packs are easy to come by, but i found some coke fridge packs in Tesco a while back and have used the large beer boxes before, which worked out better space wise. Everything now has a place, is nicely organised and i have found no bad tins lurking in the back :D 

This tutorial uses my most loved item - Mod podge, to strengthen the box. If you find you have trouble or do not want to pay for mod podge, here is a link to a homemade Mod Podge tutorial which may be useful. 

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