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Friday, 15 August 2014

Frugal Friday: Make a broom from a plastic bottle

My pet peeve is when things break just as i need them! It usually happens when i am in a spring cleaning mood - the dustpan brush is missing, the wipes are dried out. This week, the broom broke - snapped completely in 2! Wrapped up in a huge amount of duct tape it was just pointless. Que going online to see how much a broom will cost me which is where i found this.

My first thought was ooh er! The idea makes perfect sense but i am not sure how efficient it will be. I suppose less will be trapped in it and it could be really good on the black carpet we have running up the stairs. 

Having another google i found this video which explains it in more detail than the photo.

I do not tend to have many pop bottles in the house unless we have a party so this may be one i am unable to try. From a frugal perspective it is brilliant. The idea of no waste and recycling appeals to me. The sensible in me says, if it does not work then it is pointless!

If you have a go let me know if the broom works :D 

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