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Friday, 8 August 2014

Frugal friday: Make your own mod podge

If you are a crafter, you will be fully aware what mod podge is. It is very popular with decoupage. Whist the home made version is not as good as the store brought, it is cheaper and great for having handy if you run out half way through a big project.

For those who do not know what mod podge is, it is a glue/varnish/sealant all in one. Some of my favourite upcycling projects have involved mod podge just to give that shiny effect to the finished piece. My most favourite being an old bedside cabinet which i decoupaged using a shabby chic style wallpaper. Unfortunately i have lost the pictures and the cabinet is long gone now but it was beautiful, looked more expensive than it actually was and cost nothing as i had the mod podge already in and the wallpaper was samples i took from wilkinsons.

To give you an idea of how mod podge is used, here is an example.

Taken from Mod podge rocks 

If you view the original post you will see the amazing transformation. This dresser is quite simply, an old sanded down dresser which has been painted and decoupaged. Mod podge was applied on the front of the dresser, then the paper stuck to it, the bubbles smoothed out and once dry, 2 layers of mod podge to produce that fantastic varnish like shine (obviously allow to dry between layers)

With a little time and effort, you can transform something old into something new. I must warn you that upcycling can become addictive :)

Mod Podge ranges from between £4 -£9 depending on where you go. It is available in colours, glittery, or gloss/matt. Here is the list on Hobbycraft so you can see what you are looking for. Looking around you may find it cheaper.

If you fancy making your own, why not add the colours or some glitter to yours?

Do you upcycle? If not what would you upcycle first?

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