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Thursday, 7 August 2014

A- Z of summer: Day 7 - G

The letter for day 7 is G. Today we played Golf

I am a big fan of supporting local businesses. I spent many days trawling the net to find family friendly days out which are good value for money and was shocked by the many things that Nottingham has to offer.

Coming from London i am used to the obvious siteseeing, the museums and the play days or fairs, but this summer i wanted to branch out and find things my kids have never experienced.

I contacted The Lost City in Nottingham and very kindly offered a pass so we could experience their venue. I know there are some readers who are local and will already be aware of this attraction but for those who are further afield, i think you will find this post interesting when it comes to planning your next trip to the city.

Where to find the Lost City?

The lost city is situated in The Corner House in Nottingham town center. It is easy to get to with buses passing through from near enough every town nearby. The Lost City is built under The Corner House itself. The use of space was amazing. How they managed to fit everything under the one roof is beyond me.

What is the Lost City?

Quite simply it is  an indoor adventure golf course. The whole venue has a Amazonian Aztec theme, the attention to detail is incredible. There is two 18 hole golf courses for visitors to enjoy: The Temple Trail and Sacred Skull Pass. Each course is on carpeted greens and families were clearly in mind when this was designed. Both courses are very spacious and wheelchair friendly. No one is left to sit on the side in this venue.

I did take lots of photos but the lighting was dark (and my camera is evidently terrible indoors!) Here is a video with very clear photos to give you an idea of the setting.


Our Trip - Monday 4th August 2014 

Upon entering the corner house we are greeted with this sign. directing us to the stairs which lead down to the lost city (a lift is also available). Looking down we see this sign (below picture) The youngest in particular found this exciting. We had already told her, the golf course was like a jungle. Because we had to go "underground" this built up the excitement.

The girls are such posers!This is the entrance to the actual venue. The girls were super excited at this point.

I mentioned it is underground right? I also mentioned about how i was amazed at how they squeezed so much in? This photo is looking down onto the courses. Yes thats right, the actual golf course is further down. What we actually walked into was the customer service desk and the cafe.

The staff were very friendly, explained to me what we needed to do, gave us a score card, our putters and 4 balls. We were very much welcomed and made to feel comfortable from the second we arrived.

The cafe is a good size, with toilets, lots of seating and light refreshments. They serve a range of drinks, including alcohol for those of legal age, from their fully licensed bar. Price wise was actually very reasonable. Sometimes you attend venues and the food and drink cost is astonishing. Here you would not pay more than you would in an everyday shop. No telling your kids no after a game, that in itself is brilliant. The cafe over looks the golf courses which being up there made me really appreciate just how big the entire venue really is.

We brought us all a slushy each, we paid no more than £6 which i thought was good value.

The golf courses. 

I will not explain every one in detail as there is 36 in total. Each one is spacious, well organised and different. As expected there is some with obstacles in the way and some slight bumps to make some more challenging than others. However even for a complete novice like myself, i found them all very fun and easy to work around. They all weave together well with very clear paths so you can move easily from one to another and they are all surrounded by trees, plants and water features. Jungle noises are played in the background, there is animal sounds, moving walls, and Aztec statues, all which give the feeling of walking through a real life jungle. Even though the lighting was dark the course are well lit and it is very easy to see what you are doing. I found this heightened the whole experience.

Here is some photos of various pitches and decoration:

This one actually speaks, it is one of the few interactive decorations in the course.

At the end of the course there is a surprise. A chance to win a piece of Inca Gold. This piece of gold entitles you to a free game the next time you go to the venue.

Kirsty was the only one who managed to win a piece (lucky her!) The rest of us didn't even come close :)

The idea is quite simple. You have one shot to get a hole in one. It will swallow your ball but you can go upstairs and collect your gold piece. Whether you win or lose, the big head above (not pictured) will say something to you. Kaycee found this part fascinating.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a fantastic day out and a brilliant experience for the kids. The venue far exceeded our expectations and was much more than the crazy golf i assumed it would be. The whole setting made us feel we were real life explorers, stuck in the middle of a thunder storm . It was a very calm and fun experience as a whole. We felt very welcome and as soon as we can we will be going back. The girls are champing at the bit to play again.

Admission Prices

Price wise i think it is reasonable for the kind of venue it is. I have paid £22 for one football ticket before which of course makes a family day out really expensive. At just £22.50 for 1 full course (18 holes) it is only £5 a person for a family of 4, making this a very good value for money day out. Being in the town centre means you will not be paying extra on travel too, which saves you more money. With the amount of things nearby to visit, you could plan a whole day out for under £30.

18 Holes Golf

Adventurers (6 and over) £7
Young uns (5 and under) £3.50
Family ticket £22.50
Students (Mon, Tues, Wed) £5*
Senior citizens £6
Early bird (before 12noon) £5.50

36 Holes Golf

Adventurers (6 and over) £12
Young uns (5 and under) £6
Family ticket £35
Students (Mon, Tues, Wed) £10 with a free beer*
Senior citizen £10
Early bird (before 12noon) £9

Opening times are:

Mon - Fri 10.30am - 11pm
Saturday & Sunday - 10am - 11pm

Why not follow them to keep up to date with news and future events?

You can find them here:


Here is some quick snaps of the 4 of us enjoying our day :)

With thanks to everyone at the lost City for allowing us to experience your venue and offering my readers a chance to see the fun things in Nottingham 

Disclaimer - I was given a family pass to attend and review this venue. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow! This place looks amazing! Great idea an underground golf course!

    1. Its massive under there :D I really does feel like your in a jungle, the lighting is dark and with all the sounds etc its a fantastic atmosphere x

  2. We love crazy golf as a family, this looks like great fun!!

    1. We do too :D Recommend this place highly. I can see it being a regular family activity our end for the holidays :D x




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