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Sunday, 3 August 2014

A -Z of summer: Day 5 - E

Day 5 is the letter E. Today's topic is Eggs.

Odd subject right? I'll explain. We are big cake makers in our house, not particulary good at it but it's a fun cheap way to entertain the kids on a rainy day. Eggs, alongside tinned tomatoes, are my family's most eaten food, We love omelettes, eggy bread and egg fried rice, so they do not last long in my house. We usually throw the egg shells away but the frugaller in me screams that I should be doing something. It's totally against my nature to bin anything... Sad I know :) 

I knew i could make things with egg cartons. The kids love to make little bugs out of them which we dangle from the ceiling with some string. But the shells? Apart from painting them i was stumped. My trusty friend google gave me the answer. Here is some of my favourites picks. They are not my ideas or my pictures so i have linked the original site for you to look at.

Egg cartons

Found at education.com I can see this being very popular with my craft mad kiddys!

Found at mod podge rocks  Now ill be honest, anyone who knows me will know the love i have for this stuff! This blog is awesome and top of my reading list of an evening. This would make a fantastic gift or just for brightening up the house. 

Found at crafty morning. Another fun thing to make with egg cartons.

Found at free kids crafts. Another of my favourite blogs. The kids love making bugs with cartons. 

Found on Upcycle That. I love this blog too, always full of fantastic ideas. I love these fairy lights, so simple yet so effective. They would look amazing in the girls room!


Found at blog.freepeople This one is more practical, but if you are looking to plant some seedlings it is great. 


I cant find the original post for this, the picture was saved on my computer. The simplified instructions are, just paint and stick dried flowers on, give it a coat of clean varnish and hang :) Obviously allow to dry in between. If you want to keep them around for a little longer, using a needle, prick a hole in either end. Then blow the egg out of the tiny hole gently. Be careful as trying to rush will cause the shell to break.

 The kids will love this! Now to find where i stashed those plastic eggs :)

Found at your craft. This is a favourite idea especially for outdoor painting,

Found on Sweet Paul Mag This is a brilliant idea, it looks more complicated than it actually is. I can see the girls having great fun with this.

Frugal uses

Here is some really useful things to do with egg shells, should you not want to make anything pretty.
  • Keep a little crushed eggshell in your sink strainer. It acts as a barrier stopping solid food going down the drain and naturally breaks down over time. Once broken down it goes down your plughole as normal cleaning (or unblocking) the pipes on the way down, saving you money on expensive unblockers/cleaners
  • Did you know that egg tightens the skin? Crush eggshells into a powder. Mix the powder with 1 egg white and apply to your face. Let it dry and then wash it off.

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  1. Some great ideas, will try some with the kids. x




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