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Friday, 1 August 2014

A- Z of summer: Day 4 - D

Day 4 is the letter D. For this day we had a DVD day.

We decided to have a lazy day today and watch some films. It gave me a chance to catch up on some cleaning and spend some quiet time with my kids. The hubby was catching up on sleep after being at work so this was the perfect opportunity to just relax.

The kids chose a DVD each from their collection. Kaycee chose Moshi monsters the movie and Kirsty chose Monster high: Frights, camera, action. After they spent a few more hours watching Netflix in between playing in the garden and their toys. We made some cakes a couple of days before, so they sat and munched the left over cakes and used popcorn and pop i already had in for extra snacks.

Total cost: Free

While out shopping earlier in the week, i picked the kids up some bits. We have a very knackered laptop we are currently borrowing that has no working speakers. They argue constantly over who headphones are who's so when i found these in primarks for £3 a pair i snapped them up! Whilst in Primarks i found this onesie for £2 and this my little pony top for £2. I got them both one of each. I grabbed a couple of photos when i asked them to try the bits on. 

Kirsty modelling her new stuff: I caught her dancing :D 

Kaycee modelling her new stuff: Looking very chuffed with her items!

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