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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A-Z of Summer: Day 14 - N

Day 14 is the letter N - Nature walk

We had a rare bit of sunshine this week, so took the girls to the nature walks and did a spot of geocaching. Unfortunately halfway through the day it decided to chuck it down so we made a early trip back home.

Coming from London, this was something we didn't do often. We had Epping Forest and Hainault Forest a couple of bus rides away and i have fond memories of my time spent in both. When we moved to Nottingham, this was one of the first things i looked at when it come to planning activities for the kids. We were always going to move here, but i wanted to make sure that wherever we moved to, we could enjoy it. I was pretty impressed at what Nottinghamshire had to offer, we make a nature walk or just visiting a new area in Nottingham a monthly outing in our house. We enjoy seeing new things and it is good for the kids to get some fresh air and walk around.

We went to Sherwood forest for our trip. We took the nature trail around the forest which lasted a couple of hours. The kids were armed with a notebook and pen and we took our own lunch so the whole day was really cheap. The kids made notes on any bugs and wildlife they saw, collected leaves and various seeds to take home to dry out and press. I think the highlight for them was seeing the major oak. As kids they still believe the story of Robin Hood and the Major Oak is a big part of that.

Total cost for the day: £18 - inluding bus fare, cost of note books and food.

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