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Monday, 25 August 2014

A - Z of summer: Day 12 - L

Day 12 is the letter L - Loom bands.

The latest craze at the moment is Loom Bands. I originally told both my kids no. I knew what would happen, they would go mental over them and it would cost me a fortune! I was pleasantly surprised to find that at just £1 a bag, they go quite far. My eldest in particular is very obsessed with them and spends ages making up new bracelets for us all. She has become quite clever at it and is now making all sorts of animals and fancy patterns.

Wanting to spend some serious time with my kids we settled down with some music in the background and they both got to work with showing me how to make a single loop and double loop bracelet.

Here is my first bracelet - with the help of my 8 year old! A fishtail bracelet :D

Not too bad for a novice if i say so myself!

I recently brought the girls a board each and a couple of packs of loom bands for £4 each. They are now happily making creations and seem to be enjoying them. For little elastic bands, i think from an entertainment point of view they are perfect.

Total cost for the day was just £8 but the board will last for future use and they have still not run out of bands, despite making 3 ducks and 10 bracelets :D

Are you or your kids into loom bands too? What have you made?

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  1. Luckily my daughter is too young for Loom bands, heard so much about them but not tried them myself. Good effort for your bracelet.




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