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Monday, 25 August 2014

A -Z of Summer: Day 11 - K

Day 11 is K - Knitting. 

Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, is aware of my love of knitting. My nan taught me when i was small and its been a hobby i have enjoyed for a long time. I recently started to crochet again so im flitting backwards and forwards between the two crafts and was delighted to discover my girls were showing an interest. My eldest got to grips with the needles almost right away whereas my youngest couldn't grasp them at all.

When i was 5 my nan showed me how to finger knit. I adored the large loops that it made and was really proud of myself when i wore my first knitted scarf! As i moved on to using needles quite quickly i forgot how to finger knit, so spending some quality time with the girls to teach them, refreshed my memory :D

As i am terrible with instructions here is a fantastic video which me and the kids sat and followed.

Kaycee struggled with finger knitting. She has very small hands and chunky fingers, which meant she kept losing the loops when she transferred them. As she was still interested, i returned to google and found a fantastic tip. Kaycee is now halfway through her very own handmade scarf:D

Found via cut out and keep.

Comb knitting! Its a genius idea. I dabble in loom knitting every now and again and annoyed i did not think of it myself :D

This kept the kids entertained for hours. The total cost was 2 balls of cheap wool from 99p shop.

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