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Friday, 25 July 2014

Ozeri Stainless Steel Earth Pan Review

I am a big fan of quality when i buy kitchen equipment. I cook alot and having something that is long lasting and hardwearing is very important to me. 

When i was offered the chance to review a stainless steel earth pan by Ozeri, i jumped at the chance. The description sounded fantastic and i had seen some reviews online already which made it more appealing. 

About the Stainless Steel Earth Pan

The pan arrived by UPS very quickly and was protected well. Its a good sized frying pan (26 cm) and made of high quality stainless steel. I had a couple of concerns with it being stainless steel. 
  1. It would be too heavy for me to hold comfortably
  2. It did not look like it had any protection on the handle and i was worried that this might heat up. 
As it turned out i had nothing to worry about. It is a solid pan and while heavy it is not so heavy that it is uncomfortable, and the handle is heat resistant and is reinforced with 3 rivets making it very sturdy.

One of the key features which jumped out at me was the long lasting 100% PFOA free non stick coating. PFOA is a chemical found in most traditional cookware and this brand is one of the first to use the USA developed ETERNA, making this chemical free when cooking at high temperatures. The surface is textured and smooth to prevent food from sticking and with a magnetized base, it cooks evenly with minimal risk of hot spots. 

Included in the box is  a booklet giving you more information about the product and a pan protector. The pan protector is a fantastic addition for those with little storage space, like me, who stack their pans up. The pan protector prevents scratches and protects the coating of the pan. 

Using the Stainless Steel Earth Pan

I decided to cook a cheese omelette. What i find when cooking this, is i have a ridiculous amount of cheese stuck to the pan and a good soak and scrub is needed to make it clean again. 

Here is the pan straight after plating up: 

As expected the pan was covered in cheese. I did notice though that nothing was stuck to the pan. It come off easy. I used a tiny drop of oil to cook this. I suspect i should have used a little bit more. My very messy omelette just slid right off with no problems at all. It was cooked perfectly throughout and cooked quickly.

This is the pan after wiping once with dry kitchen towel:

It was so easy to clean. Gone are the days of soaking in water and scrubbing clean! The pan is dishwasher safe but i do not own one to test that out. A quick rinse with water cleaned it up fully. 


I couldn't recommend this pan more if i tried. I have cooked 3 things in it so far, a stir fry, sausages and eggy bread. It still looks like brand new out of the box. Everything cooked quick and evenly, with no sticky issues what so ever. Apart from the basics covered, the most noticeable part of cooking with this pan, is the amount of oil i was using... hardly any. It really does not need more than a drop to cook with, making your food much healthier. As it is larger than your average sized frying pan, it was perfect for my family of 4. I could cook quite a large stir fry in it and had no trouble with bacon, eggs or sausages. I think the larger size would be more suitable for cooking dinners. 

The stainless steel earth pan is priced very reasonably at £29.99 (down from £44.99), which seems like a chuck of money but given the quality of the pan, i conside it an investment. This pan is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs from the Ozeri store at Amazon

Ozeri do also stock quite a range of products on their store. You can find their Amazon store here if you would like to browse. 

I can see Ozeri becoming very popular here in the UK. Why not like them on Facebook and stay up to date with new products. You can find their facebook page here

*Disclaimer - I was sent this product to review. All opinions are my own*

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