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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My little pony themed party - The frugal way

Last week was my youngests 8th birthday. She is a typical little girl who is mad on moshi monsters and my little pony. The original plan was to go to my mums for a bbq, that unfortunately fell through at the last minute and with just 1 week and a tiny budget, i set to work doing what i could to make a party. I managed to do the whole party and feed 5 adults and 6 children on just £35. That included the cake and decorations. Here is how it went.


Having done a search online for my little pony themed decorations i was surprised at the prices. Whist they would have been lovely, it just was not doable on my budget. I had a £5 budget for decorations so set to work looking for anything around the house i could use. I had some red ribbon, sellotape, plain white paper and a printer full of ink. I purchased 1 pad of coloured paper for £1 and all the above pretty much did the entire decorations for one room. I also brought some balloons and some birthday banners. Total cost for decorations - £2. The remaining £3 i brought a number 8 candle and plastic cups and paper plates.


Items needed:

  • 1 pad of coloured paper 
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Wool/string/ribbon

Step 1: Fold 1 sheet of paper in half, then fold in half again - i didn't fold down totally as i did not want the crease in the middle i just used it as a guide. 

Step 2: Cut 3 triangles out per sheet of paper. You can draw a line to make them perfectly straight, however once up it is not noticeable if they are slightly uneven. Repeat with different colours.

Step 3: Arrange your triangles into the colour order you want and turn them over. Place a bit of wool/string or ribbon the the back and sellotape down, to form the bunting. 

Step 4: Turn the right way round and attach the bunting over a doorway or onto a wall I used 1 sheet of each colour (4 in this case) and made 3 large triangular bunting and 2 smaller triangular bunting out of those 5 sheets of paper. 

*Tip - I used the smaller triangle shapes to make a smaller bunting. You could throw these out but i wanted to utilize all that i had and put up as many decorations as i could. As the smaller triangles were virtually all the same shape, they made fantastic bunting in windows*

Paper chains

Items needed: 
  • Pad of paper (i used what was left from making the bunting) 
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors 
Step 1: Take a sheet of paper and cut it into thick strips. I actually used the rest of this pad of paper which was around 30 sheets. 

Step 2: Form loops by adding a bit of Sellotape to the end and sticking to the other end. Form the next part of the chain by looping a strip through the first hoop. Repeat until the desired length. 

Step 3: Place where you would like, stand back and admire your work. 

All 30 sheets made 6 full length chains for me. This was 3 at 40 loops (8 repetitions of the 5 colours) and 3 chains at 60 loops (12 repetitions of the 5 colours) 

I stuck these to the ceiling using Sellotape. Even with the wind blowing, they were quite secure and stayed up all day. 

Additional decorations

I printed lots of my little pony characters out, cut them out and attached some ribbon to the back with Sellotape. I then used a bit of Sellotape to attach them to the ceiling, here is the finished look. 

I originally planned to out lots of rainbows up. I wanted to put clouds saying Happy 8th birthday Kaycee, above my back door and hang lots of coloured paper down to give a rainbow effect. The wind however had other ideas and the clouds kept blowing away. In order to keep them as a decoration, we joined them together using the red ribbon, I had used previously and hung them from the ceiling.

Please excuse the big purple splodges, Gareth felt it would be funny to throw the sticky toy aliens in an egg onto the ceiling!


We put out a simple spread and brought some disposable bbq's to make burgers and hot dogs, the food including the bbq's and some bottles of pop cost a total of £25. The cake I ended up having to buy I brought reduced at £4.50 that day. 

Most of the food was general party foods, with the exception of the fruit kebabs and pink fingers which I prepared myself.  The fruit kebabs were simply pieces of fruit in rainbow colouring skewered onto kebab sticks. The pink fingers were simply pink wafer biscuits, dipped in buttercream icing with 100's and 1000's. You could use coloured sugar or other sweets if you wanted, 

To make the buttercream icing, simply mix icing sugar and butter together until smooth. If you wish to colour it just add a drop of food colouring. You could also add flavourings to it. Mine is vanilla flavoured. 

As we did not use a table, I added some decorations to the spread. Staying with the my little pony theme, I printed some small my little pony pictures, cut out and glued to a piece of card so that they stood up. 

I also wanted to make the food personal to kaycee, she plays a my little pony game on my phone on a regular basis, she watches my little pony on telly and DVD. She can off the top of her head tell you all about their jobs, what they like and do not like. I themed each plate to the best of my knowledge to go with the theme of the tv programme. 

Daddy starting the bbq

Whist I tried my best by making a cake, it was simply too hot and the buttercream icing just melted on me, causing the sponge to crumble. My original plan was to make a hollow sponge, fill it with sweets and add buttercream to the outside. I was then going to decorate the outside with rainbow coloured sweets and my little pony shaped marzipan figures. Instead it was a quick dash to asda to buy a birthday cake. My cake did taste nice but this is as far as I got :) 

Kaycee, as I imagined was shocked and happy. The day went exactly as planned barring my cake failure. One happy 8 year old and I didn't break into the next weeks shopping budget to make it happen :)

Here is a couple of extra pictures from her day. She said it was the best day ever! That was more than enough to make the 3 days of no sleep and the stress of planning it, worth it :D

These party ideas are completely adaptable. I wanted bright colours as that was the theme. Maybe try greens, blues and blacks and pictures of the ninja turtles hanging down for a teenage mutant ninja turtle theme. The cost would still come to around £5 for decorations depending on how overboard you went. 


  1. Fantastic post, looks like a brilliant party. Never thought of making my own bunting, I will definitely be giving that a go.

    1. I love making bunting, i like to use fabric mainly but had none to hand :D

  2. You did great job👍




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