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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Make your own flavoured water

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Have you seen the recent articles about schools banning squash in drinks? I am not going to go into a big debate because i agree with it due to having a teaching assistant background. As a parent i stick 2 fingers up at anyone telling me what to put in my kids packed lunches. I am lucky that both my girls are not overly fussy, they both eat plenty of fruit and veg and will happily drink water - plain or flavoured. But water is boring, not all kids like it and they shouldn't be forced to go without a drink all day because of their tastes. Sticking with my fruit and veg theme this week i thought this would be an appropriate tip.

I always end up with masses of oranges and grapefruits i buy intending to use for juice. Did you know that you can freeze the juice? Neither did i till recently. I was about to pour some juice from a tin of fruit down the sink and my guest started screaming at me not to! She told me to freeze the juice and drink at a later date. Which i did to avoid being shouted at more :D 2 weeks later my kids brought home a letter asking us not to put juice in their water bottles or packed lunch anymore as they had adopted a water only policy. I had just finished juicing some carrots and celery that were looking abit sorry for themselves when my lovely 11 year asked me to make some ice lollies. It then hit me the most obvious thing ever... add fruit to their water to flavour it! Not only is it healthier its also not as sticky as squash and is within the schools rules as it is water. (do check with your school though first if worried) 

How to make flavoured water

  • Juice the fruit and pour into ice cube trays (obviously allow to freeze)
  • Pop an ice cube into the kids school water bottles to flavour the water. Add a couple if you like a stronger taste. (I personally just add one. I freeze the juice undiluted so it is quite strong anyways.) Using lots of cubes may result in the water becoming more juice like, which the schools will not like if they have a juice ban. 
  • Leave it to melt. 
What i like about doing this with ice cubes is it takes a while for the ice cube to melt. I fill their water bottle with cold water, pop in an ice cube of their choice and throughout the day the water is still cold. With the hot weather coming i think they appreciate it :) For us adults, some fruit cubes work very well with alcohol too.. ahem :)

Flavoured water can also be made in large jars or pitchers/jugs using actual chunks of fruit and ice cubes. This is great if you have guests round as you can make a large variety of drinks to suit any taste for hardly any cost at all. Making it this way is simple enough 
  • Wash fruit thoroughly, berries and citrus it is especially need to be thoroughly washed. 
  • In a large pitcher, jug or jar add any slices or chunks of any fruit you like (not bananas) herbs can be used too. 
  • Press to release juices. (use a spatula or something similar)
  • Fill to near the top with ice cubes
  • Fill with water and stir. 
  • Leave in the fridge to chill. 
You can drink straight away but the flavours infuse more the longer it is left. I personally would leave for 2-3 hours but preferably overnight. Water made in this way is ok to be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days.  

Experiment a little with the flavourings. Some herbs work very well with fruit or veg. Cucumber and mint is very refreshing in the hot weather. Watermelon and mint are also a nice combination. 

If you just want to squeeze abit of juice into some water i brought one of these around 6 months ago. I use them mainly when we go out and about and want to do something with the fruit we are not eating. 

I purchased mine for £5 from a place for everything. It was honestly the best thing i have ever purchased. 

Do you make your own flavoured water? I am looking for some refreshing flavours for the summer. What are your favourite flavour combinations? 

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  1. What a great post. I had never thought of flavouring water with fruit, the only time I ever put fruit in drinks is when i have pimms! Love the ice cube idea, will definitely be trying that out.




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