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Friday, 25 July 2014

Frugal Friday - Make your own reusable cleaning wipes

I used to go through a ridiculous amount of these. I switched to spray bottles thinking it was more cost effective... It isn't! Then I found this tip on a group I sometime read. It has saved me around £5 a month so far.

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Items needed: 
  • Jay clothes
  • Flash - 1 squirt - I use this one 
  • Washing up liquid 1 one squirt - cheap is fine although I find the cheapest value ones not so good
  • Tub with a lid and spout (or make your own) - the baby wipe tubs are perfect for this
  • Warm/ hot water - half a cup. 

  1. Make a solution using the hot water, flash and washing up liquid. 
  2. Layer the jay clothes into the tub - I zig zag them to make it easier when pulling them out (leave a little bit poking out. 
  3. Pour the solution over the jay clothes and put the lid on. 
I actually have 2 tubs, one for the clean wipes and one for the used ones. I clean the dirty ones in hot water then re lay them in another tub. I pour a small amount of the solution into this tub to stop them drying out and going smelly, when the tub is nearly full I fill it again with a stronger solution. Completely reusable and for me saves around £60 a year!

  • If you want to be even more frugal you could cut up an old t-shirt into squares and use that. Just make sure the colour will not run. 
  • For a much more natural reusuable wipe, use essential oils, white vinegar and water instead of washing up liquid and flash. 
  • Kitchen roll can be used in place of the jay clothes - these are not reusable though and will need replacing. You do however need to buy them far less than you would wipes, so they will still save you money.

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