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Friday, 4 July 2014

Frugal Friday - Whiten clothes using asprin

Like most parents, i dread putting my children in white clothes. I honestly think they are pointless. White clothes just add to my already massive list of chores. Of course, my girls school have to have white polo tops, My eldest will need white shirts when she starts secondary this year and the hubby needs white t shirts for work. As i do not have the money to replace the tops my kids will eventually destroy within days of buying them, i will admit, i am a pre soaker. The white top is off them the second they are in the door and the stain is treated before going into the wash. I have a cupboard full to the brim with a bottle for this stain and a bottle for that stain, oh hang on that stain needs soap, no that stain needs ice.... its endless.

At Christmas 2012 my nan gave me a book with lots of fantastic uses for household items, vinegar, lemon juice, soap, cola. One of the tips was aspirin as a clothes whitener. It sounds mental considering what aspirin actually is. I have tried this before with sweat stains and it worked wonderfully. Other stains may need extra treatment.

Step 1: Crush the tablet and add to warm water till it dissolves (the amount of water will be dependant on whether you are pre soaking or just treating the stain)

Step 2: Put the stained part of the clothing into the aspirin solution and leave to soak for 2-3 hours

Step 3: Put in the wash as normal.

The stain should be gone when you have finished washing it in the machine.

I have been told this is also a fantastic way to bring dull whites back to life. This is fantastic news for me as it means i can reuse my eldest daughters polo shirts and my youngest has school shirts for the next 3 years :D

A pack of own brand aspirin works fine. You can fine them in any pharmacy, Wilkinson or any supermarket at between 20p-£1 a pack. As you only need 1 tablet, 1 pack lasts between 16 and 24 washes depending on the packet size.

Obviously keep the tablets and the solution away from children and pets.

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